Tourists near the cross almost killed by lightning: video

The Spaniards did not understand what happened until I watched the video

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Туристов возле креста чуть не убил удар молнии: видео

Lightning almost killed the Spanish tourists

In Spain, the lightning struck next to the couple who tried to photograph the cross on the top of Montseny in the Catalan mountains.

According to Daily Mail, when Magda and Marcel Gallardo started climbing the mountain, the sun was shining. After a while the clouds gathered and the hail began. However, the couple has approached the apex too close and decided not to return.

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Upstairs Gallardo decided to shoot at the cross. At this moment lightning struck and they both fell to the ground. They admitted that they did not understand what happened until I watched the video.

The couple was not injured, but admitted that he smelled something burning after a lightning strike. Relatives joked that they should buy a lottery ticket before the good luck from them has turned away.

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