Towards the Covidian society

To the Covidian society

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The new measures have arrived. François Legault did what he could to avoid the worst. And in the population, we feel something like a real relief. These measures are less worse than feared. This is to say how our expectations are out of order. I admit, I am becoming fatalistic in the face of this virus capable of freezing social life. & nbsp;

That said, we must think about these new measures, which can be explained by sanitary pragmatism, but which gradually make us switch to a new model of society – let's call it the Covidian society. & Nbsp;

What is the Covidian society?


It is a society always ready to reactivate mechanisms of social control to the announcement today, of a new wave, or, tomorrow, of a next pandemic. & nbsp;

It is a company that, in the name of health safety, makes fun of any other concern. It is a society where the state of health exception is imposed as a new social normality. & Nbsp;

The government feels the right, now, at any time, to consider possible confinement Population. He can hit hard or softer. But he gives himself the right to do so. The government now feels entitled to define which social relations are essential and which are not. It intrudes into our lives. & Nbsp;

He invites himself into our homes by setting the number of people we are entitled to receive in our home. & Nbsp;

He allows himself to tell citizens whether they can travel or not. & Nbsp;

The government not only enters the bedroom (we remember the instructions given to lovers a few months ago by the public health of Ottawa, which invited them to mate in masks), but in the kitchen, in the basement and even in the living room.

Let’s say it again: the measures imposed on us are less worse than feared, but it’s not normal to get used to such a level of social control. We are given the holiday season like we are giving leave to a convict.

Is it normal to find this normal?

We know that the COVID crisis today is the crisis of a rickety health care system, which is at risk of collapse due to the epidemic. Our societies are investing billions in a system that clearly can bring it down. He no longer keeps his promises. He's taking us hostage. Especially the younger ones. Because there is in this story a conflict of generations which does not speak its name. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Concern & nbsp;

Let’s summarize: COVID revealed the flaws in our social model and our need for guidance in the face of the uncertainties of existence. We need to be mothered. And from one good faith decision to the next, we are shifting to a new model of society. This model should worry us and force us to revise our mental frameworks, to know what world we are entering.

Which does not exempt us, by then, from being massively vaccinated, without hesitation, to follow common sense sanitary measures and particularly protect those at risk. & nbsp;

 Towards the Covidian society

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