Towards the end of the idiocratie?

Vers la fin de l’idiocratie?

I’ve always been fascinated by the United States. Sometimes in awe, sometimes shocked, and I’m always fascinated by what happens south of the border.

If we refer to the thesis of the decline for some time already, for the first time, I am afraid that the winner of the cold war is relegated to the rank of a secondary power. If it is complex and risky to predict the fall of a power, some of the indicators are still suggestive.

We regularly points out a decline in economic and military of the United States. If it is true that the country of Uncle Sam no longer dominates the world economy, and that it is now difficult to survive on its own militarily, my fears are mainly justified by the abandonment of his leadership role on the international stage.

Since the end of the Second world War, the United States accounted for most of the time, a model. This capital has eroded steadily and it has never been so precarious since the beginning of the presidency, Trump.

For an american leadership

The example of the management of the crisis of the COVID-19 represents perfectly the loss of prestige and influence of the american giant.

Still waiting an outstretched hand on the part of an irresponsible administration, which opposes the international collaboration, denying the seriousness of the threat and exacerbating divisions within the population ?

It turns increasingly to China, too happy to exploit the space deserted by the United States.

The administration Trump is both a symptom and a spectacular manifestation of a malaise deep. Donald Trump is a chairman irrational that refuses to assume its leadership, but he has been democratically elected. Hope that the experience of the past four years has convinced enough Americans not to entrust him with a second term.

Between extend our historical relationship with the United States, or we turn increasingly to China, the choice seems obvious to me.

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