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TPMP: a columnist fired overnight for no reason, she swings, “I was never called back”

By Quentin Piton Journalist Series – Cinema Journalist specializing in series, cinema, but also anime and manga. Spends his time dreaming of Emma Watson, considers Olivier Giroud the GOAT and refuses to speak with those who are against the absolute truth which is: How I Met Your Mother is a better series than Friends. While Kelly Vedovelli currently seems to be in the sights of Cyril Hanouna, it is Aurore Castaldi who has just reacted to her sudden disappearance from TPMP. Benjamin Castaldi's wife recalled it, she had the shortest experience in the history of the C8 show.

There are countless columnists who have passed around the Hands off my post tableon C8. As we know, Cyril Hanouna likes to bring new faces to his talk show in order to bring a little freshness and new energy. Unfortunately, if her bets sometimes pay off, as with Raymond Aabou, recently elected favorite columnist of the public, she also sometimes makes mistakes.

Aurore Castaldi looks back on her short experience in TPMP

Thus, in addition to comedian Sandrine Sarroche, who will only have written 8 columns in 2021 before packing her bags, we can also cite the case of Aurore Castaldi. Remember, the wife of Benjamin Castaldi – the current host of TPMP, even in summer, had been invited to the set one evening in 2017. Problem? After just one show, she was never seen again.

To this day, the reasons for her eviction are not known, but this very short experience greatly amuses the main concerned. “I believe this is the fastest chronicle story in the history of chronicles, she told Jordan de Luxe. They called me one day saying 'it's good, you're here, you're new to the start of the school year'. Well I think I was bad. You have to believe that I was not good. I was never called back”.

“I have no filter between my brain and my mouth”< /h2>

Why disappoint her? Yes and no. Aurore Castaldi confessed, even if she loves debates, “I like to talk“, she is well aware that 'it's not made for this kind of shows, yet focused on clashes and controversies, “ Afterwards, the problem is that I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. Me, I say aloud what people think quietly. I get angry. I speak with my hands“.

Anyway, we reassure you, she is in no way angry with Cyril Hanouna. On the contrary, she revealed it, she will forever be grateful to him for what he brought to her husband, “Cyril allowed Benjamin to get through this and for that, he is extraordinary and he is a great guy “. Like what, the world of TV is not so bad.

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