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TPMP: Kelly Vedovelli arrives late, on the verge of tears, Cyril Hanouna gets angry … Big discomfort live

Big discomfort live in TPMP on C8, this Monday, June 6, 2022. Kelly Vedovelli was absent at the start of the show, so Cyril Hanouna called her to hurry to come. After throwing a few tackles at her and trying to find out the reason for her delay, he finally saw that she didn't look good. Seeing the columnist on the verge of tears, he wanted to know what was going on. She confirmed that there was “a concern”, but did not say anything more, letting unease set in.

Kelly Vedovelli late in TPMP, Cyril Hanouna gets annoyed: “It's the black sheep of the class”

This Monday, June 6, 20220, was Pentecost Monday. But Cyril Hanouna and his columnists (one of whom recently revealed his big salary) were still present in TPMP on C8. Well, except Kelly Vedovelli, who wasn't there. What surprised and worried the host: “Kelly Vedovelli, what time is she arriving? At the pub?”, “She is scheduled for this show. She may have left for another talk”.

After starting the show without her, the presenter decided to call her on the phone to find out where she was: “We're worried, I'll call her”. “Yeah, what's up?” she replied into the camera,“Well you know we're on set and We're waiting for you. What are you doing, are you going to hang out or what?” he replied. “Well frankly, why not, it's been a long time since I've seen people. I'll be there in five minutes. There, chatting, I'm coming”said Kelly Vedovelli who has been absent from several shows lately. After hanging up, Cyril Hanouna swung: “We have a big problem with her. She's the black sheep of the class”.

“How are you, Kelly? Is there a problem?” asks the host, the columnist confirms: “There is a problem, but it's not serious”< /h2>

Then, after the commercial break in TPMP, Kelly Vedovelli was around the table. Cyril Hanouna who denied being in a relationship with a columnist then dropped: “Today is a public holiday, but everyone is paid normally. Apart from Kelly Vedovelli who arrived 20 minutes late”. “I did it as quickly as possible. It was gossiping. I had to talk to some people, and as I really like that, it took a lot of time” she tried to justify.

But “Baba” replied “do you mind being on the show?”. “I was happy to arrive, that's why I did it as soon as possible” she replied. But a little later, Kelly Vedovelli was on the verge of tears. “How are you, Kelly? Is there a problem?” asked Cyril Hanouna. “Uh well, no, it's going to be fine . There is a concern but it does not matter” she clarified, before he insisted by asking: “What is the discussion of everything on time with the make-up artists?”. “No no” she then assured, before a big discomfort sets in. Hope it's nothing serious.

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