TPMP: Matthieu Delormeau fired from the set by force by Mokhtar after making fun of Cyril Hanouna

This Thursday, June 9, 2022, Matthieu Delormeau dared to make fun of the language of boss Cyril Hanouna in the daily newspaper of TPMP. To justify himself, Baba had to take out the dictionary and took a long time to find the word he was looking for, which made the columnist laugh even more. Mockery that had a cash consequence: the host asked Mokhtar to take it out. The most famous security guard in France then carried it like a vulgar potato bag…

In the daily newspaper of TPMP broadcast this Thursday, June 9, 2022, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists received < strong>Chantal Ladesou. When discussing with her his new job as a juror in Mask Singer, Baba commits what, for Matthieu Delormeau, is a big mistake in French. The host qualifies the new role of the actress of “investigator“. This greatly amused the one who violently clashed with Gilles Verdez, because for him, we say “investigator“. He was immediately supported by Valérie Bénaïm and Benjamin Castaldi.

Cyril Hanouna, a little annoyed, is determined to prove that he is right and then pulls out a dictionary to silence them. But unfortunately, the one who recently said he was “closed to love” takes a long time to find the word he is looking for, which earns him further ridicule. “ What's the worst ? That he doesn't know a trivial word, or can't find it” spoofs Matthieu Delormeau.

You're all going to shut your mouths now

The host finally finds what he searches and speaks again. “You're all going to shut your mouths now. I want an apology. Investigator: person in charge of an investigation. Investigator: person responsible for carrying out polls and surveys“, he tells his columnists. Despite the dictionary definition, the one who was clashed by Booba has absolutely no intention of recognizing his mistake.

Excuse yourself or you're going out!“, annoys Cyril Hanouna. Matthieu Delormeau remains on his positions and Baba therefore asks Mokhtar to intervene: “You're taking him out!“. Neither one nor two, the security officer lifts him up and takes him away from the set.

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All's well that ends well and the columnist returns a few seconds later: “You were bad language, and it's not the first time” s fun Cyril Hanouna to conclude.