“TPMP must become TPMP again”: we have listed the criticisms that fans of the show make of Cyril Hanouna

"TPMP must become TPMP again

By Quentin Piton Journalist Series – Cinema Journalist specializing in series, cinema, but also anime and manga. Spends his time dreaming of Emma Watson, considers Olivier Giroud the GOAT and refuses to speak with those who are against the absolute truth which is: How I Met Your Mother is a better series than Friends. The recovery date is known, it is this Monday August 29, 2022 that TPMP will make its big comeback on C8. But before Cyril Hanouna and his columnists return to the set, fans of the cult show took advantage of a survey to reveal the changes they wanted to see this year. Fewer humiliations and vulgarity, better-chosen guests, a return to the old version… There's work to be done!

After long months of negotiations with the leaders of the Canal group, Cyril Hanouna has finally reached an agreement to renew his contract on C8 and thus continue his flagship program: Touche pas à mon poste. A relief for the millions of viewers of this talk show like no other, who still hope to see the host make some changes at the start of the school year.

What changes for < em>TPMP? The fans respond

While the design of the set, the themes addressed on the screen or the members within the band of columnists evolve regularly so as not to tire the public and allow the program to renew itself , many fans want to see Cyril Hanouna go even further in the evolution this time around, especially with regard to his own behavior.

On the occasion of a poll organized by the @TPMP_Panel fan account on Twitter, “If you had any criticisms to make of Cyril Hanouna, things to improve for the next TPMP season, what would they be?“, the criticisms were quick to appear against him. And when you go through the answers, you realize that it's often the same ones that come back.

A more pleasant Cyril Hanouna

According to the host, the TPMP teamforms a big family. However, when we discover his way of acting with his columnists, we are far from seeing such a relationship on the screen. And for good reason, Cyril Hanouna never hesitates to make fun of his band, nor to speak badly to him, even sometimes bordering on harassment. We remember in particular the terrible clash with Géraldine Maillet. An intolerable situation according to viewers, who no longer want to see such public humiliations.

A more attentive host

Another point to correct for the host: his presence on the set. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see him looking at his phone during the debates or diverting conversations to talk about other subjects, such as his famous passion for padel. Behavior deemed frustrating, especially since Cyril Hanouna always does it in the worst possible way: by cutting off the floor.

A more appropriate language

Among the qualities that we find in Cyril Hanouna, we can mention the fact that he is always very close to his audience and that he is natural. If his behavior can sometimes be boring, he remains himself, which makes his TPMP animation authentic. On the other hand, some viewers would still like him to sometimes calm things down by stopping to laugh excessively or by having a vocabulary that is a little more restrained and less cliché. In short, let it be a little more classic.

Improve the casting

As much for the columnists of TPMPare now adopted by the public, despite some sometimes excessive personalities (poke Gilles “always against the current” Verdez), as much the choice of guests often makes people cringe. And for good reason, in order to deal with the news, Hanouna never hesitates to receive on her set people with opinions/actions that are more than borderline (even reprehensible, like Jawad). However, if it works because the buzz around TPMP is never as strong as these evenings, the public is visibly tired of seeing him shed light on such individuals.

Back to the past

Last May, Hanouna took advantage of an interview with Le Parisien to share his pride in the evolution of TPMP, “I was afraid that the new formula would take no. But the shift made, with more social issues, was the right one“. According to him, it was a necessary change for the survival of the show, “We realized that twenty minutes on “The Voice” or Thierry Ardisson, people were no longer interested “. However, according to the reactions on Twitter, it is quite the opposite that seems to be thought. Many Internet users today deplore the new formula of the talk show and regret the disappearance of the festive spirit of a few years ago.

Remarks as important as they are relevant which, we hope will be heard by the principal concerned. To find out, meet on August 29, 2022 in front of C8, it is on this date that Cyril Hanouna and Touche pas à mon poste will return to our screens.