“Track pandemic” : the opposition is that the COVID-19 has the wide back

Bike paths and pedestrian-installed in a hurry during the last few weeks in Montreal are disliked by the opposition at city hall, which calls for greater transparency to residents and businesses affected.

“Everyone is affected by the project. The nearby residents who lose out on public transit on their street, who must travel from one street to another, for the residential parking and which have mostly not been consulted,” gives the example of the councillor Francesco Miele, who found that the COVID has “the broad back” and which, inter alia, more transparency for the phase 2 of the project.

The elected representative of the opposition party All Montreal will submit to the city council a motion calling for the City to hold consultations with traders and residents for each of its new developments, and that it agrees to all the withdraw in time for back-to-2020.

The motion will be debated on 15 June.

By the end of the summer, more than 112 km of temp tracks that have been installed on the arteries in montreal and 88 km of streets that have been redeveloped in a number of boroughs to promote active transportation and social distancing during the pandemic, according to the administration of the mayor Valerie Plant.

In recent weeks, the “24 Hours” reported several frustrations of the citizens and merchants who have found themselves suddenly without parking since the implementation of the tracks. Some were critical also of the lack of information.

The City has put these “tracks pandemic” in place without going through the process, the normal consultative and without any impact studies on traffic, on the pretext of the emergency due to the crisis of the COVID-19.

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