Traders do not want to play the police

Les commerçants ne veulent pas jouer à la police

Guillaume Cyr

MONTREAL – merchants in montréal do not want to have to play the police of the mask when the port will be mandatory in their institutions.

“It is not our role, we don’t want to end up to be police officers,” said Jean-François Belleau, director of government relations for the canadian Council of the retail trade.

“It’s a bit against nature for a merchant to tell a customer “no, not you, you go home, you wear a mask or you go””, a-t-it is given in the example.

The mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plant, announced on Monday that the masks will be mandatory in enclosed public places of the metropolis from the 27 July. It is not yet known who will be responsible for the application of this regulation.

“Are you going to ask to the traders to play the police in the store or it is the police who are going to do? We saw it with the washing of hands required, and the control at the entrance, there are still limits to what a committed 17 or 18 years of age is able to keep customers, let’s say, recalcitrant” was raised by Mr. Belleau.

Although it is concerned about the application of the regulation, it does not dispute the validity and wishes to be able to work with the City of Montreal in order to clarify the details. The Council, which also represents retailers in ontario, has also been consulted for the development of a similar rule, which took effect in Toronto on Tuesday. “It has made it more applicable. It has a lot of know-how,” said Mr. Belleau.

Cross the bridge

Mr. Belleau is also concerned about the inequities that will exist between regions if the port mask is mandatory in the shops in montreal.

“Someone who does not have the taste to do your grocery shopping hidden, he just has to take his car and cross the bridge, has he given in the example. The disparity between Montreal and the South Shore and the North Shore, it poses a serious problem. We are going to impose a shopping experience X on the island of Montreal, [and not elsewhere].”


Some types of businesses are hopeful that they will be able to qualify for an exemption. This is the case, in particular, training rooms, who believe that their customers will not feel like doing physical activity with a mask.

“[There will be] a wave of people who will not be able to come back into our gyms. It’s going to cause other problems,” believes the vice-president of énergie Cardio, Éveline Sofa.

“Since the opening, we respect the health measures, such as surface cleaning and social distancing, and it is this that makes the difference. The people are not in a gym to interact… they want to train”, she added.

No leakage

The director general of the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail, Stéphane Drouin, believes for his part that the customer will desert not stores montreal on the 27th of July.

“The people in Montreal already have an acceptance a little larger in relation to the port of the mask,” said one who wished to remain cautious and to expect the terms of the settlement before commenting further.

He believes that the commerce of the vicinity will not be affected and that are, instead, the stores of which many customers come from outside the island of Montreal that could be impacted negatively by the obligation.

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