Traditional spring craze for garden planning: “The big problem is watering”

Traditional spring craze for garden planning: “The big problem is watering”

Géraud Vaillat dirige l'entreprise de paysage Sarivière depuis 25 ans : “Malheureusement, on ne peut pas répondre à toutes les demandes” en ce printemps.

Patron de la pépinière Sarivière, à Maurin, dans l'Hérault, Géraud Vaillat décrypte le comportements des particuliers à l'égard du jardin.

What does spring represent in your activity as a landscape professional ?

This is an important moment professionally and technically. This is the last possible move to plant before summer. Throughout the winter, the individual had his window closed. In the spring, he reopens it and tells himself that he must take care of the garden and that everything must be done right away. And right away, that’s not possible. Unfortunately, we refuse because we cannot respond to all requests.

It's too late ?

The ideal is autumn. If an individual today finds a professional ready to do their garden right away, they should definitely not take it. If it is too available, there is a wolf. Right now, everyone is overwhelmed.

Are there any trends today ?

When I took over Sarivière, 25 years ago, everyone had the same garden. We planted a lawn, three pines and oleanders. Today, what matters most among people is concern for the environment. There is a new relationship with nature.

That is ?

People want to have a garden, but the big problem is watering. Water is the main issue. They want to have a dry garden, but in our region, a dry garden does not exist. At the most, let's focus on creating a water-efficient garden. Additionally, people also don’t want to have constraints. They want zero maintenance gardens. That too doesn't exist. Those who are financially happy take a maintenance contract. Those who are less so opt for something very sober and a lot of mineral. In fact, there are two types of customers: those who enjoy maintaining their garden and those who enjoy looking at it.

Is environmental concern a barrier ?

Before, when we advised our customers not to use polluting products, they did not listen to us. Today, they are the ones asking for them. There is a real awareness.

How to integrate the garden budget into the overall budget of a house ?

There are those who invest in rebuilding an already existing garden and then those who have just built their house and want a beautiful garden. Except that, in the latter case, at the end of the project, they no longer have any money. They realize that a garden is expensive. I remind you that the garden remains the main room of the house four months of the year. But this is the room where we want to spend the least money.

How to deal with it ?

Times are currently tough for all French people. Garden budgets have multiplied by 5, 6, 7, 10 in twenty years. People have become aware that they need to be treated and that, for this, it is necessary to hire a professional for the layout, the pencil stroke, the design, the work. watering. Without forgetting that plants represent part of the budget allocated to the garden.

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