Traffic camera in the US caught a light anomaly

Уличная камера в США засняла световую аномалию

The origin of unusual outbreaks is not yet known.

The following video was obtained on 4 February at 00:50 am somewhere in the USA. The man, who wished to remain anonymous, claims that mounted in his garden surveillance camera captured a strange anomaly then, according to the with reference to Esoreiter.

In the upper part of the frame is visible light, in front of which suddenly breaks out a surprisingly bright light clot. American draws attention to the fact that this mysterious glow has the shape of a human hand. Say, index, middle and ring fingers and the little finger folded down, while the thumb aside.

The social network Reddit, where it was originally published this video, heated arguments broke out concerning what was the strange glow.

Some commentators believe that it was a Ghost. For others, we are talking about some kind of energy entity. Others are convinced, if in front of us fancy parabolicheskie illusion caused by the lens of snowflakes. If you believe the fourth, the camera captured a natural phenomenon like wandering lights or ball lightning.

In other words, the world wide web users put forward a variety of theories, but to determine with absolute precision the anomaly, no one can, including the author of the publication. The video has been so popular that it is studied even by experts, identifying that this is a genuine shooting, without any installation. However, all this doesn’t clear up much…

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