Traffic road down from 20% to Montreal, more cyclists and pedestrians

L'achalandage routier en baisse de 20% à Montréal, plus de cyclistes et de piétons

If the traffic on the pathways dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists increased by 36 % with the installation of temporary overlay between June and July, the road traffic has fallen by 20 % compared to the beginning of the pandemic, according to data from the City of Montreal.

In this case, the number of pedestrians and cyclists at the intersection between Christophe-Colomb and Louvain has jumped by 90 % compared to last year. Similarly, on Rachel street, there are 52 % more walking and cycling on these routes to “active” security.

“Four of the five bike paths in the most used in Montreal are active routes safe,” said Jean-Francois Rheault, director of the company Eco-Counter, responsible for compiling these statistics.

However, according to the same balance sheet, the car traffic has dropped 20 % this summer in Montreal at the start of the pandemic. Declines in attendance up to 57 % for cycle tracks in the city centre and up to 90 % for public transit have also been observed.

“It is because of the reduction of activated in the working places and the change of mobility choices”, said Éric Alan Caldwell, head of the mobility to the City of Montreal.

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