Tragedy air in Iran: end of the preliminary analysis of the data, ” says the TSB

Tragédie aérienne en Iran: fin de l’analyse préliminaire des données, dit le BST

The Office of the transportation safety board of Canada (TSB) reported Thursday that the preliminary analysis of the flight data 752 of Ukraine International Airlines, which was downed by the iranian army on the 8th of January this year, is completed in Paris.

“The work in Paris may be over, but the investigation is far from being so. Many questions remain unanswered,” said in a press release the chair of the TSB, Kathy Fox.

This last has, however, clarified that the permission of Iran to disseminate the data collected. “We have pressed Iran to disseminate factual information from the flight recorders as quickly as possible,” she said, explaining that the families of the victims are eager to learn more.

Recall that two TSB investigators were dispatched to Paris to try to shed light on the tragedy that claimed the lives of 176 people, including 57 Canadian and 29 people with permanent resident status in Canada. The flight 752 to Ukraine International Airlines has been shot down in the air by the iranian army in Tehran on 8 January last.

In addition to the TSB, the team of investigators who met at the Office of investigations and analysis for civil aviation safety (BEA) was composed of experts from Iran, Ukraine, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, but also of representatives of the companies Boeing and Safran.

They were able to download and make a preliminary analysis of the data recorders of flight data and conversations in the cockpit.

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