Tragic Accident on the 40: Bombardier blamed

Accident tragique sur la 40: Bombardier blâmée

Four years after the tragic accident and sadly spectacular on interstate 40 that claimed the life of a truck driver whose vehicle caught fire, the company Bombardier is the target of a damning report.

He accuses Bombardier of having “jeopardized the safety of road users” at the time of this accident that claimed the life of a truck driver Gilbert Prince to Montreal.

VAT News has obtained the investigation report of the Commission des transports du Québec, whose role was not to establish the causes of the accident or to determine what are the people in charge.

The Commission has instead examined the behavior of the companies involved in the tragic accident in order to determine whether they have fulfilled their obligations in matters of road safety as the owner and operator of a heavy vehicle according to the requirements of the act.

“[…] The Commission concludes that the management of the obligations of Bombardier to road safety has been the subject of impairments that have jeopardized the safety of road users on roads open to public traffic and that it has not preserved the integrity of those roads”, one can read in the report.

In addition, the security clearance of the company into the trough in the light of the findings as troubling to the Commission des transports du Québec.

“[…] The Commission will modify the safety rating of “satisfactory” from Bombardier with a safety rating of “conditional” and will impose certain conditions”, adds it.

“The prosecutor of the Directorate of legal affairs of the Commission submits that the detention is unexpectedly heavy vehicle Bombardier has a decisive influence on the events that led to the death of Gilbert Prince,” one can also read in the report.

In its conclusion, the Commission blames the company for having left passing a heavy vehicle in a poor state of repair, which was carrying hazardous materials.

Company little pressure to act

The Commission is of the opinion that Bombardier has been late to implement measures to fulfill its obligations in matters of road safety.

She goes so far as to order the company to establish a policy for the company in relation to the conduct and use of heavy vehicles of which it is the owner and operator for the plant called “Plan 3”.

“Between August 2016 and June 2019, the company has responded to the events without promptly implement all appropriate measures to remedy the deficiencies. It is only in the course of the hearing that the Commission finds a clear desire of the company to take appropriate measures to ensure a more effective management of their obligations”, ahead of-t-in the report.

The Commission also notes that Bombardier has not done enough to avoid that a similar situation does not recur in the future.

“We realize that some of the measures taken have not yet been carried out and, as those who have been taken have not yet shown that they are sufficient to ensure that the deficiencies will not recur any more”, he wrote in the report.

Vehicles in poor condition

Recall that in August 2016, the car Bomber, a tanker that was refueling in kerosene, was stopped on highway 40, near the tower of the FTQ.

He was endowed with a system of safety locking an Interlock which serves to actuate the emergency braking system of the vehicle to prevent its displacement during filling or refueling.

The evidence reveals that the interlocking system of the vehicle from Bombardier, which is used to activate the emergency brake is triggered unexpectedly.

At the outbreak of this system, the brake lights are not lit. A defect in the security system of the door control is at the origin stop of the vehicle.

This same defect is caused by the excessive wear of latches, [by] the wear of the bottom of the door where is located the safety valve. This system being connected to the braking system of the vehicle.

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