Training of future operators: a lot of work for those already in place

Stage des futurs préposés: beaucoup de travail pour ceux déjà en place

Less than a month after the start of their accelerated training, future orderlies arrive in NURSING homes where they will receive their internship three days per week.

Three interns will follow each of the orderlies are already in office, who shall have the responsibility to supervise them.

“We are going to have a lot of work and little time, it’s going to take the train, because the 15 September, it will be necessary that they be trained from A to Z”, explains in the interview, Cindy De Champlain, a patient care attendant in the Montérégie region.

It is part of those who will have the responsibility to supervise new entrants.

“Three to one is too much, because the resident himself, he has need for intimacy, this is not a piece of meat, it is a human being. It means that… we enter their total privacy and it should not be denied their respect and dignity, because that is practically all that remains”, she insists.

The Federation of health and social services of the CSN considers that there should be only one intern per attendant, to prioritize the distancing and physical order not to overload the work of the teams in place.

With regard to the obligation for workers to become supervisors, the CSN promotes volunteerism.

“We have proposed that it be voluntary. There are places where it is that, where the employer [refer to employees],” said Jeff Begley, of the Federation of health and social services of the CSN.

“It is not we who teach, usually. Me, yes, I have the training to be attendant trainer, but here, now, it is like to be a teacher on the field. They will not have teachers with them,” laments Cindy De Champlain.

The ministry of Health, we are reminded that the arrival of these 10 000 orderlies in NURSING homes serves to lighten the task of those who are on-site. It also indicates that one should designate often trainers, supervisors, due to lack of volunteers.


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