Training reinvented era COVID

Les entraînements réinventés de l’ère COVID

Like everywhere else, the training centres will have no choice but to adopt sanitary measures at the time of their opening.

While they are still waiting for the green light from the public health and the government of Québec, the owners of establishments have already put in place a protocol.

Thus, the customer experience will never be the same and the way of training either. First observation on the field, the training centres offer guests to arrive already dressed in their athletic keeping.

Disinfectant Gel, lozenge of social distancing and plexiglas have been built in the Energy Cardio Boucherville to limit the risk of contagion between employees and customers.

To avoid that the athletes stand side by side too closely, some of the machines, like treadmills, have been convicted. Now, only a machine on two may be used.

A reorganization that has been a challenge of logistics, tells the story of Claire Tremblay, president of the chain énergie Cardio in Quebec.

“It was the reflection, but you know, it is very creative. It has inspired a lot of what was on the outside, with fitness centres which have opened in New Zealand, in China, before us,” she said.

Ms. Tremblay is also said to have consulted the guides of the CNESST available to other companies that have been allowed to re-open in the province in recent weeks.

“So, we took the best practices and has put in place for the two most important elements, that is, the health health and social distancing,” related Ms. Tremblay.

In addition, athletes will have to book a time slot to train. The entirety of the training room will be cleaned and disinfected in between each of these time slots.

Despite all of the efforts made to comply with the standards of the public health, the permission to reopen is not forthcoming from the government, she says.

So well that the owners of training centres have the intention to go ahead with a reopening for the purpose of making pressure on the Quebec government.

The industry demand at the very least that the prime minister François Legault fixed a date for a glimpse of some glimmer of hope.

“The industry is at a standstill. There is a lack of oxygen at this time. It is an industry that is important for the health of Quebecers,” says Claire Tremblay.

The president of énergie Cardio stipulates, moreover, that the industry is ready, since she had already have to submit to the health criteria even before the pandemic COVID-19 hits Quebec.

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