Tram: the BAPE increase the tone

Tramway: le BAPE hausse le ton

The Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) is showing signs of impatience in the folder for the tram and explained that it could force the City of Quebec to provide missing information on the project.

The City of Quebec had responded, on Wednesday, the 34 past issues of the BAPE on the transport network structuring, having obtained a delay of several days in which to respond.

However, some of these answers have not satisfied the chair of the commission of inquiry BAPE, Corinne Gendron.

In a letter addressed to the project office on Friday, the commissioner shall sum the Town to specify a number of segments of its response on Wednesday, on the grounds that it contains information that is “incomplete” or being “more valid”.

The BAPE requires to get answers to their questions by Tuesday, August 11, at 14h.

Compel the City

The commissioner concluded the letter by reminding the legal powers held by the commission of inquiry.

“The commission wishes to be able to count on your full cooperation so that it does not have to rely on its other powers under the Law on commissions of inquiry”, can we read.

This law gives the commissioners all the powers of a judge of the superior Court, which gives them the opportunity to compel the City to provide documents and testimony as required.

“If the people affected do not give this information, they can be sanctioned, note the lawyer François-David Bernier. It can go up to contempt of court. When a judge orders something, it must be respected.”

The City of Quebec did not want to comment on the record, on Sunday.

“The BAPE has had enough of being taken lightly,” says the advisor of the opposition party Democratic Quebec Jean Rousseau.

Mr. Rousseau has pointed out the lack of transparency of the City of Québec in this folder in the past.

“We, as citizens, alas, it is accustomed to deal with this regime in which the arrogance takes the place of the response”, he criticized.

The BAPE public hearings were completed last week.

The commissioners must now collect the latest information in order to produce the final report, which will be submitted to the minister of the Environment, Benoit Charette, at the beginning of the month of November.

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