Tramadol: what are the side effects of this medication taken in too large a quantity ?

Tramadol: what are the side effects of this medication taken in too large a quantity ?

Boîte de Tramadol de 30 comprimés. MAXPPP – Alain Delpey

The National Medicines Safety Agency has asked manufacturers to reduce the number of tablets per box. Tramadol, prescribed for pain, will therefore only be sold in boxes of 10 and 15. Initially, it was sold in boxes of 30 tablets.

Boxes of Tramadol, a pain medication, are reduced from 30 to 10 or 15 tablets per box, at the request of the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSMT). The goal is to limit the risks of dependence. 

222 reports in 2022

In recent weeks, they have arrived in pharmacies. Some boxes of Tramadol could previously contain 30 tablets, which in most cases is too many to treat acute pain that is supposed to disappear within a few days.

According to the National Medicines Safety Agency, more than 222 reports were reported in 2022, in particular due to overdoses of this opioid which can be addictive and fatal. A hundred serious cases and seven deaths caused by this drug.

Thus, the ANSM launched a call for vigilance and asked the 26 manufacturers who manufacture Tramadol to reduce the number of tablets per box.

Serious side effects

Tramadol is prescribed for pain that persists even after taking paracetamol, which is the reference medication. "It is important to have alternatives to provide, but nevertheless, it must be done in a minimal context and above all for as short a time as possible", justifies Philippe Besset on France Info. "There are sometimes serious side effects" with Tramadol , he specifies.

Among the most common, the patient may experience nausea and vomiting, dizziness and drowsiness, headaches, constipation and dry mouth. Excessive sweating, fatigue, appetite and sleep disturbances are the least common symptoms.

Among the most serious, it can cause allergic reactions, convulsions (especially when combined with other medications), serotonergia and respiratory depression. 

Doctor Philippe Vella, medical director of the Medicines Agency, explains that having too many tablets when it is not necessary makes you run into trouble. "a risk of prolonging the intake of Tramadol, or even increasing the doses" which can lead to& nbsp;"a situation of dependence when the pain has lessened or there is no more pain".

The new packaging, "boxes of 10 to 15 tablets or capsules, make it possible to treat a patient over a short period of three to four days& ;quot;, explains again Doctor Philippe Vella on France Info

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