Transfers of $ 14 billion: “not a blank cheque”, says Justin Trudeau

Transferts de 14 milliards $: «pas un chèque en blanc», dit Justin Trudeau

OTTAWA-The prime minister Justin Trudeau maintains that the transfers of $ 14 billion available to the provinces for the déconfinement will be targeted since it will not be a “blank cheque”, which led François Legault to reiterate its fears of trampling in the fields of provincial jurisdiction.

“I understand that there are variations in [the reality] of the different provinces, and it is open to a certain degree of flexibility, but it is our responsibility as a federal government to ensure that, when it comes to investing to help the most vulnerable Canadians, this assistance is found really to the families and individuals most vulnerable”, has hammered Mr. Trudeau, on Thursday, in a press conference in Ottawa.

It is said to be open to revise upwards its proposal to $ 14 billion, after several provinces had qualified as insufficient, but seemed to be the least annoyed by the questions of respect for fields of competence.

“What we’re proposing, these are basic investments in which all Canadians should be able to expect. This is money that we offer to the provinces to deliver the necessary services. If there are provinces that do not want the money, we will be concerned”, was also let out to Mr. Trudeau.

He argued that he had agreed with his counterparts in the provinces and territories for weeks on the principles and conditions necessary to re-secure the economy. He gave the example of the “challenges” are common across the country, such as the need for more staff and space in the centers of the small childhood in order to limit the risk of the spread of the COVID-19.

The prime minister of quebec, François Legault, was quick to reiterate that it has “several concerns” that Ottawa vienna dictate terms the way in which his government will spend its share of $14 billion.

“I feel that the federal government is willing to pay, but he would like to have some control. For us, it is clear that the health is under provincial jurisdiction and there is no question that we give in all control,” he launched by taking the example of the potential investments targeted on the tracing and sourcing of personal protective equipment.

According to Mr. Legault, this concern is shared by “not bad” all of his vis-à-vis.

The conference call between the federal prime minister and his homoloques of the provinces and territories was to take place Thursday evening.

What is the extension of the mission of the army?

Moreover, no agreement had occurred on Thursday in the early evening, on the extension of the mission of the canadian armed Forces (CAF) in the CHSLD du Québec, a few hours before the date of official end on Friday.

Mr. Legault has increased pressure on Ottawa in requiring them to answer “present” until the 15th of September, as the demand for several weeks.

“We need 1000 soldiers in the CHSLD, and then I still have had no response to know that there are more urgent [to be done] in Canada or abroad that take care of our seniors,” he pestered.

It is all the more complained of a decrease in the number of troops deployed, arguing that their number has increased from about 1,300 to 750.

The office of the minister of Defence, Harjit Sajjan, has however contradicted this information. He argued that the same number of members is in Quebec, but several are preparing for their redeployment to a ltc facility to another, which would be in a situation more critical.

“With this redeployment, we will have supported over 30 CHSLD in Quebec, and we continue to deploy members in CHSLD additional”, said the press officer Florianne Bonneville.

Otherwise, it maintains that discussions are ongoing to find a “sustainable” until the fall and that, in the immediate future, the military will remain until things become clearer.

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