Transformers : the robots are back in 2 new films ?

Transformers : les robots de retour dans 2 nouveaux films ?

Transformers : the robots are back in 2 new films ?

And it will be “Bim bam boom” in the cinema. After Bumblebee in 2018, the franchise Transformers could make a big comeback in theaters in the next two/three years. Still a fan of his franchise, Paramount would have launched the production of two new films.

Disney does not have the monopoly of the projects are not very original. While the studio of Mickey spends his time remaker live-action its animated films, Paramount Pictures ‘ prefers to play with his robots. It is Variety that unveils the new, the franchise Transformers could soon be (again) his return to the cinema with… two new movies.

Two new Transformers film ?

According to the american website, “two scenarios are currently in development, written by James Vanderbilt (saga The Amazing Spider-Man) and the other written by Joby Harold (The King Arthur : The Legend of Excalibur)“. It is obviously too early to know the precise plans of the Paramount through these projects (the two films will they be validated ? which characters will be present ? in what timeline will fit together do they ?), but these movies could be in the vein of Bumblebee, the first spin-off of the franchise released a movie in 2018.

Variety stated, “Our sources claim that these scripts are an opportunity to build multiple stories within the same franchise“. What to expect of the film solo in a common universe, rather than one long story stretched in time, especially as the site assures, “these two projects will be the scene of new actors“.

What are the sellers of the toys will be happy, the fans a little less…

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