Transit: the obligation of wearing a mask yet symbolic

Transport en commun: l’obligation du port du masque encore symbolique

MONTREAL – The port of the mask became officially mandatory, on Monday, in the transit, but there was nothing to prevent the recalcitrants or heads in the air to cross without a mask the turnstiles of the subway of Montreal.

A couple of posters, messages on the televisions of the metro stations and a voice announcement indicated that the wearing of the mask was now mandatory in the public transport, but no employee of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), did the people who were not wearing mask at the time of our passage into the network at the morning rush hour and during the rest of the day.

Some customers encountered on the green line, who were not wearing their mask, were not aware of the date of entry of this measure.

“I didn’t know that it was today. When I’m at work, I always wear my mask. Today, I forgot it,” argued Sayid Ilshrif.

Same sound of bell on the side of Eric Mathieu.

“I come back from vacation and I hadn’t seen the posters [that it was now mandatory]”, he stressed.

Others seemed rather await the arrival of the coercive measures to wear their mask.

“I have it in my pockets. I expect that it compels me. Here, there are others who do not wear,” explained Jacques Maillé waiting for the metro at the station Berri-UQAM.

Distribution of masks

Monday morning, inspectors from the STM were present at the Berri-UQAM station during the passage of 24 Hours. While several customers without a mask walked through the turnstiles, no verbal warning or information was passed on by the inspectors, and was there able to see.

The STM maintains, however, that they do the awareness to remind the mandatory wearing of the cover face, and that they are equipped to offer to clients in need, says the carrier by e-mail.

Teams will also resume the distribution of masks this week, between 15h and 18h, throughout the transportation network.

Majority hidden

The population seemed to still not have understood the message: in the rush hour Monday morning, the majority of users of the metro were following the government guidelines and wore a mask. Social distancing was also easy to follow on the green line; at 8 o’clock, in a train in the direction of the city centre, only a couple of people were in each car.

At the station Pie-IX, only one person on the twelve who were waiting for the subway on the dock was not wearing a mask.

For Francis Wolkieyiez, which uses the metro, this measure should have been taken earlier.

“It is well that this is mandatory now. I feel more secure since it is mandatory. This morning, I forgot my mask and the STM gave me one, it’s really good,” he mentioned.

– With Camille Lalancette, 24 Hours

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