Traumatized by the stress of overtime

Traumatized by the stress of overtime


Traumatized by compulsory overtime (TSO), a young nurse on parental leave who is asked by the employer to return to work says she is unable to return and thinks of giving up her career, even if the pressure on the network is getting worse day by day.

“Today, it is no longer the COVID that scares me, it is the compulsory overtime. I love my job, I don't want to leave, but I can't take it anymore, ”drops a 29-year-old nurse from the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis, who agreed to testify under the guise of the anonymity.


Last Monday, the young woman on parental leave, without pay, received a letter from her employer, the CISSS of Chaudière-Appalaches.

“The opportunity is therefore offered to you now to suspend your leave to return to your job for the time necessary for the management of this 5th wave or the time you wish to offer us”, can we read in the missive.

To get through the 5th wave, Quebec is looking for 2,500 workers, i.e. 1,000 in hospitals and 1,500 in CHSLDs, while there is a shortage of nearly 15,000 employees in the health network, indicated the Minister of Health at a press conference on Wednesday. 

But, for the nurse who was working pregnant at the start of the pandemic, the request simply does not pass.

“They pass it off as an 'opportunity' when it's a request, they try again coaxing and manipulating us, instead of telling us the truth and asking for our help,” she thinks.


After spending almost a decade in the network, it is with a broken heart that she considers changing careers.

“If we abolished the TSO, I would go back to work tomorrow morning. But here, with two children and a spouse who works on the road, what do I do if he is not there and I have to stay at work? We don't have anyone to look after them,” she explains.

So she decided to take advantage of her parental leave to try to find a job that she would enjoy as much as that of a nurse.< /p>

“I look at the insurance industry. Even though it's boring to end my nursing career, I don't feel like I'm just a number. I feel that my work is appreciated,” she adds.

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