Travel in Quebec can be as exotic as Asia

Voyager au Québec peut être aussi dépaysant qu’en Asie

Travel agencies have adapted to offer to Quebecers travel packages here rather than waiting for the reopening of the borders.

“Quebec, this is not a plan B because of the closed borders,” says Jad Haddad, director at Land of Adventure.

It boasts large spaces, hiking trails and rivers of the province.

Prior to the pandemic, his agency specialized in travels to international, with more than 120 destinations to the four corners of the globe.

“We wondered if we put our activity on pause, but it is preferred to set the sails and face the storm “, he reports.

Land of adventure has bought minivans, and developed partnerships with local producers in order to propose two circuits, in the regions of Charlevoix and Bas-Saint-Laurent. The guests depart in freedom, but the logistics, such as accommodation and activities, is planned by the agency.

Richard Remy, founder and guide to the agency Karavaniers in Montreal, is also ” transferred to board quickly “.

“We had nothing in Quebec or in Canada. We have worked hard to reveal something that has never been offered to Quebecers “, he explains.

Packages original

In a few weeks, Karavaniers has developed a twenty packages in the country.

“Generally speaking, it brings people outside of the Sépaq and Parks Canada. You really want to offer them something that they can’t do it by themselves, because of the complex logistics. “

For example, one of the packages leads the travellers to the aboriginal archaeological site of Mushuau-Nipi.

To get there, they must travel 14 hours by train, fly in a floatplane and paddle five-day voyageur canoe, a kind of canoe.

“This trip requires more organization than going to the bottom of the Nepal,” said Mr. Remy. The back-country, Quebec is not easy of access. This is where our expertise becomes interesting. “

The customer appointment

The two travel agents are pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm brought to their new offerings.

“I hope that it will open the eyes of some : our back yard is just as interesting to discover,” said Mr. Remy.

Christian Guillet, managing director at Voyage Louise Drouin in Drummondville, also notes that savvy travelers are interested in visiting the province.

“A few hours after having launched our new package in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, the first group was filled. We will add departures for this summer, ” he know.

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