Travel in the time of a pandemic: a story of flight from Montreal to Paris

Voyager en temps de pandémie: récit d'un vol Montréal-Paris

Frédéric Dallaire will long be remembered for its first flight from Montreal to Paris in the time of a pandemic.

This guy from Quebec who has resided in the City of Light during the past three years has made a brief return to complete a contract of work. Before and during his flight, he quickly found the hygiene measures implemented by Air Canada.

“It’s surprising, I’ve been passed often by the Montreal airport, of course, I’ve never seen it empty like that. Most of the shops are closed”, he explained, on Saturday, at the camera, of VAT New.

The mask for all of the meals packaged, he has also taken his temperature twice, a practice that will become mandatory from the end of June in all the airports in the country, ruled Ottawa earlier this week.

Mr. Dallaire never felt in danger at any time. “I was wearing my mask, I washed my hands often. Social distancing was respected,” he testified.

The airlines do not leave anything to chance. “The planes now are much better disinfected. There are filters of high quality which are capable of killing viruses and bacteria to 99%. So, the chances of catching the COVID-19 is currently in a plane are very low,” said Jean Lapointe, aviation expert and pilot to retirement.

The experience of travel by plane will be different, of course, but it will take getting used to. The question is whether the passengers will be waiting for you.

According to the international air transport Association, the industry is expected to suffer the impact of the pandemic during the next three years. Financial losses, net generated by the crisis could even surpass the $ 84 billion US $in 2020.

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