Travel: Norway imposes restrictions with Spain, but the up for Tom Cruise

Voyages: la Norvège impose des restrictions avec l’Espagne, mais les lève pour Tom Cruise

Oslo | Norway has again imposed Friday of restrictions on travel with Spain, where the epidemic of COVID-19 rising again, but has exceptionally raised these same steps for the filming of Mission Impossible.

The actor daredevil Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast will travel to the nordic country this fall to film some scenes in the 7th instalment of this series of blockbuster movies, without having to submit to the quarantine imposed to most travellers.

The filming will take place in a diet health strict and the members of this production will be kept away from others during their stay in Norway,” said the minister of Agriculture and Food, Olaug Bollestad, during a press conference.

“This means that everyone will not be able to see these beautiful kids who are going to play, because they will be relatively separate,” she added.

The shooting of the film, funded by the Norwegian Institute of film, is expected to take place in the north-west of the kingdom, known for its fjords majestic.

Ms. Bollestad has justified the decision by the importance of knowing “the nature, the culture and the history” of Norway throughout the world, already highlighted by the previous installment, Mission Impossible: Fallout.

Before the rebound of contamination in Spain, the Norwegian government has decided to impose new, from midnight (22: 00 GMT), a quarantine of ten days in the people from and / or return of this popular tourist destination of the inhabitants of the scandinavian kingdom.

The restrictions are also new with Andorra, and they are maintained for Portugal, Luxembourg, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Oslo has, however, exercised with Hungary and was brought to seven the number of regions in sweden, including the county border of Värmland, but not Stockholm, to which the trips are no longer officially discouraged.

The pandemic of COVID-19 is largely under control in Norway, where only three people carrying the disease were hospitalized Friday, including one in intensive care.

In total, Norway are to this day 9085 case of novel coronavirus identified, including 255 deaths.

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