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Travel on your plate

Travelling on your plate


At the top of the list of things that give me the most pleasure is having experiences. 

Last Saturday night, the one I experienced was as unique as it was improbable. As part of the Festival Montréal en Lumière, I went to dinner at the elegant restaurant of the Fairmount The Queen-Elizabeth hotel. The gastronomic component of the event brought together, for a single evening, the chef of the restaurant Rosélys, Edgar Trudeau-Ferrin, and his friend chef of the neighborhood restaurant Butterblume, Jens Ruoff. The two other co-owners of the Mile-End address also present, Nadine Boudreau, sommelier, and Julie Romano, took over the sumptuous place as if they had always owned it. They welcomed the foodie clienteleof the festival came to savor the four-handed marriage of the two chef friends just as warmly as if it were served at their table. What freshness and delicacy in our chic dishes. 


These gastronomic encounters are the fruit of a deep and fascinating research of the director of the gastronomic programming of the festival, Julie Martel. She “match” chefs, like the one at Hélicoptère, in the Centre-Sud, with a Swedish couple who own Söl, from Stravanger in Norway. one shotsthat we will not live twice. These collaborations are the perfect opportunity to bring original, creative and exciting evenings to independent restaurateurs.

Advice from a friend

These evenings are a success every year. As of this writing, 90% of the tables are already reserved. My friendly advice is to subscribe to the newsletter as soon as the event is over and watch for the unveiling of the menus offered by the charming matchmaker. The launch takes place at the end of November, well before the announcement of the festival concerts. Julie Martel's wish is to see people treat themselves to this meeting as a Christmas present. It is indeed a memorable experience in good company. 

Winter Picnic

Nordic Picnic

I need a special notebook in the Journalit's up to me to list my must-haves for the festival. So I go with the one from the Nordic Picnic because I know my teenagers will love it. We remember that they live to eat and sleep and that I leave them free to indulge in their favorite activities, as long as we get some fresh air before or after. It will therefore be a skating activity, since I cannot follow them on skis. The spectacular ice rink with free access and skate rental is back if you missed it last year. Aerial (two and a half meters from the ground) it offers a fantastic view of the city center. One step away from this musical skating trail surrounded by LED lights. there are heated greenhouses, where you can order a picnic for 4 or 6 people at a family price. The fixed menu comes from Central, another gem in the Quartier des Spectacles. You can order ahead and eat while watching the action, time to enjoy while warming up.

Free for families

Our This gourmet pilgrimage ends with a ride on the Ferris wheel and a good coffee or hot chocolate for dessert (all free). A well-kept secret that amuses us all, but even more so if you have toddlers, is riding up and down the Double Tree Hotel's glass-enclosed elevator, which reveals the site on each floor. Wish my teens wouldn't deny me a family selfie!

View from the top of the festival

Our spring break won't be as tropical as some others, but it will be a Nordic exoticism signed Montréal!

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