Travesty diva Monroe shared the secrets of his personal life

Травести-дива Монро поделилась тайнами личной жизни

The star admitted that he doesn’t want children, and also told about the costs.

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter, singer and transvestite diva Monroe gave a Frank interview in the program “On the Kava iz srcu” on the channel “Ukraine”. 41-year-old charwomen in the course of the conversation told not only about his personal life, plastic surgery, and a difficult relationship with the press, but also about how actually shocking blonde makes his living, reports the with reference for Today.

Blond curls. The perfect makeup. Slim figure and well-groomed skin. It’s hard to believe this always impeccably dressed lady was born a man! It Monroe raised the revolution in the Ukrainian show-business, because first coined the term “transvestite diva”. And the first boldly and publicly declared his transgenderism.

Blonde, just coming to the interview, assured – will be the most sincere! As ever and with anyone!

“I love your show and personally know you, I subscribed to your Instagram, how could I refuse,” admitted Monroe.

But before to tell the shocking details of his life, the star talked about his favorite morning beverage.

How you like your coffee?

I love coffee. You can call yourself a passionate coffee-lover. I every morning make yourself a Cup of Americano. Black coffee, no sugar. And I even have the hashtag in Instagram #copepodes?

Monroe coffee drinking two times a day. And loves not only cooking, but also familiarity with the Barista. Make friends with the staff of the various institutions she has learned from first job! Twenty years ago, the star was working in a night gay club. However, she had “sweat” doing does “not female”.

I worked 2 months on building this club. The club owners decided to interest future employees. From the series: work in construction as a laborer, and we will give you a job. I wanted on stage, and I was so tired and strained his University studies at the chemical Department of that I was ready for anything. And here 3 months I churned cement.

First, the kneaded cement was then dressed in a suit with sequins and feathers and lit the audience, each time going behind the scenes to loud applause. Is the daily hard work have allowed Monroe to earn the money for his own apartment.

The conditions in which you live, all you like in your apartment?

Now it is already for me a little. For the same I have 5 cats and a lot of clothes. A lot of accessories, stuff. Although when moving I’m very much taken to the country house. Beautifully spun? And decided to live in the style of minimalism. But somehow, gradually over the year, this minimalism has turned into a warehouse.

You have an apartment, you have a country house, a car.

No, no car.


And I don’t drive. Because I don’t feel like a participant of traffic. I started. But I realized that I come home, lay down, and I dream of the accident. Here are direct panic attacks. And some point behind the wheel, I realized that I can have a go at someone.

But near the subway travesty diva Monroe can be found. However, in public transport, despite the fact that extravagant person tries not to attract too much attention, sometimes react to it oddly enough.

And there are reactions that you don’t like. Inadequately behaved people.

There were sometimes. And I can always tell which side goes on the offensive. Of course, I fold, I’m going, try to avoid such situations. Basically it is visiting people in a very marginal type, who move in society like yourself.

Monroe tries to work around such people party. But once the exhibition detractors doused it with yogurt.

You ever have had thoughts that maybe should move to another country where more loyal to people like you?

Well, you’re bent, of course, unique people. Let’s talk – the bright representatives of the LGBT community. A few times a couple. That’s just casual, I thought – maybe. Life here is beautiful. In Ukraine she is beautiful.

It is no secret that Monroe grew up as a boy, Sasha, who is still at school could not understand what was wrong with him. Why is he attracted all the female, bright and shocking. To address the issue of identity, even had to go to a psychologist. What about the parents? You ask. They just turned a blind eye to the “unusual” child.

My mom just never noticed. Pretended that nothing was happening. Dad said the children will understand.

To talk with the family openly and sincerely Monroe are unable, even after many years.

You had a difficult conversation with your parents?

I didn’t have one. Seriously. I tried on my third year of University to talk to my mom that me this study is just that there is such a word very rude – zadolbali.

Mom said – tomorrow is another day, go get some sleep. Well, I realized that to talk about. And then gradually I began to speak, began to earn money.

I started to live freely. And somehow the parents ‘ opinion, I was not interested. And support I was not expecting.

As the fiery Monroe celebrity started acting with 99-year and gradually became an integral part of Metropolitan secular parties. Although the star does not hide, colleagues on show-to business it is not too much.

Some of me still didn’t say Hello. The type of nod and once again-just leaving. So in our show business there is no friendship. Whatever you were told, no, maybe there are some exceptions, but no friends as a very honest and sincere. I tried several times to enter the party, but I realized that it was “dead”.

Moreover – the blonde sadly notes that she is still an unwanted guest in many media.

I know that some journals, for example, you still don’t want to see on their pages.

Don’t want to. I so wanted this publicity, fame, popularity, what I took away media who are influential, who have a huge audience. I wanted to get on the cover of a magazine for Housewives with an audience of 200 thousand people. I did a gorgeous photo shoot, I came up with the material. All for the money. I wrote a very nice letter of a personal nature. Well, really, it was my dream. This creature did not answer me even.

You know why?

I have no idea. Plus several times I was invited to the auditions a very famous show. For the position of expert. And right here for the casting call, the producers said, “Monroe, you are what we need.” And just two days before the shoot – off, it’s off. And at some point I realized that no, stop, don’t wait. I created my YouTube channel. And now, when I was approached, I already choose.

Monroe earns is only because of my video channel? Without modesty I ask a question that worries many.

Like a travesty diva Monroe today to make a living?

Is prostitution.

Importantly, honestly.

Yes, if I went to an escort, I would have bought the restaurant.

Insensitive question, but I’ll answer. First, in the zero I made a very wise investment which bring me income.

Stable. Then I’m entertainment. Various entertainment programs. Plus the little I make on my YouTube channel. Has what you have, and I am very happy.

And then Monroe adds – material benefits for it don’t really matter. She’s not a spender and lives conservatively and modestly.

What I spend the money? For high quality food, to travel, to travel, to cats, to the communal. To help mom.

For cosmetologists.

No, no, no. I make myself massage, mask, lifting massage. I have mastered them to perfection.

And here on fashion beauty injections from time to time shell out Monroe! Outspoken star admits – Botox injected, the sponge has increased three times.

I understand that it would be foolish here now, you know, frills: what are you, Katya, your things, it’s lipstick, hyaluronate. I’m a pepper, you know, before leaving smeared lips, to more. Botox I shoot once in 8 months, I have a very well kept all injection.

And how to relate to plastic surgery? For example, breast Boobs.

Oh, it’s not me. I’m actually not that opposed to the introduction of some… I do against yourself for the introduction to your body of substances which do not dissolve, so to speak, and forever. I do not have pierced ears. I have no tattoos. And I didn’t increased by using silicone.

Such a well-groomed woman, perhaps, personal life rages! But you’d be surprised heard. According to Monroe, while the relations she has! And in fact, the presence of family, partner and love for her – not so important.

I am very comfortable in a state of loneliness, although I’m always open to relationship. I can easily come into contact. I’m not going to wait for the third date to fall in the horizontal direction. If you want to, and I feel this chemistry ha… Time – and on the mattress. I’m not one of those people who are waiting: so, how long do we have dates to give. I’m ready. And a few times in my life had such a bright flash… There is something to remember.

When was your last relationship in order to direct needles on the skin?

Oh, 2 years ago.

This is a foreigner?

Yes, we met in the European countries. But… you Know, I’m not ready to be a doctor. In fact, I Wake up in the morning and begin to cut out of your life. I pull out that box of crayons and choose what my life today would be what color I want to see. It can be one color, it can be monochrome, it can be rainbow, it could be impressionism.

And, according to Monroe, life can be interesting and colorful, even without heirs! On the personal issue, the star gave a shocking response.

And children beside him, see?

No, I do not see. Once I worked with a psychologist, and she asked me to paint a picture of life now and a picture of life in 20 years. And in the center I drew again yourself, partner, cats, house, the sea. Well, there are no children. But, you know, millions of people live without kids, they are happy. Full of examples. And I can’t say that Natasha Mogilevskaya unhappy, or Kylie Minogue unhappy.

These women – they inspire millions of people to life. That’s all.

Without a doubt, inspires people and transvestite diva Monroe. Through her example she teaches us not to be afraid to say what they think. Stand out from the crowd. To live by their own rules. Not ignore criticism. And bravely to meet the trials of fate! And no matter how hopeless and difficult the situation seemed, to always feel like a winner and a beauty Queen! Here’s a she – straight and happy in their own way “restless Monroe”!


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