Tray 2020 : how does the new bachelor and why the teachers called for a boycott

Bac 2020 : comment fonctionne le nouveau baccalauréat et pourquoi des profs appellent au boycott

Tray 2020 : how does the new bachelor and why the teachers called for a boycott

The new bachelor is here ! As soon as this Monday, January 20th, the students first begin the tests of continuous control called E3C, and already threatened the result of the action of teachers and students. But what does that change exactly from the tray 2020 and more importantly, why does he cringe at the teachers and the students ? PRBK explains to you.

It is time for a change for high school students. The Minister of national Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, intends to carry out its reform of the tray until the end. For this “new bac”, finished the traditional series L, S and ES Tray general. But this is not the only change : the continuous monitoring will be more important in the final score. Changes that do not please everyone.

The final proofs that important anymore

When you have passed the bac, you have struggled to review your materials before the final events that took place at the end of the terminal ? This is not quite the case for the new ferry which will be effective from 2021. The final trials will now include “more than” for 60% of the total score of the students. To complement this, we find the school report, which account for 10%, and the E3C (tests common continuous control), which account for 30%.

The E3C, what is it ?

The great novelty, so it is to these “E3C”, which should start to floor over 525 000 students of first as of this Monday, 20 January. They are organized into two sessions : from 20 January to 28 February, the students must pass tests on three subjects, namely history, geography and two modern languages chosen. Added to this is the mathematics examination for students of technology.

During a second session, which will take place between April and may, the students are going to iron each of the tests (always to the history, geography, modern languages, math for technology and science education for the general pathway), as well as that of their teaching specialty, which will take place in may. Without forgetting, of course, the tray of france on the 17th of June, as well as the oral French between June and July.

In sixth grade, the students shall be returned to the E3C in history, geography, modern languages, mathematics (for the technology) and science education (for the general pathway) between April and June. The EPS will be judged continuously throughout the year and students will take four finals : two written tests of the teachings of specialty (at the end of the month of march), a test of philosophy and a “grand oral” of 20 minutes where the student will submit a project prepared in première and terminale. The philo and the oral will take place at the end of the month of June.

How are they organized ?

This debate with teachers, it is the organization of these events for continuous control. The schedule of events is determined by each college and will therefore be different in each institution. All students will strive towards so it’s not on the same subject. Each will be extracted from a bank of topics (chosen beforehand by the teachers) which is also controversial : in its online, the teachers have denounced many shells and exercises little logic. Improvements have been made but all are not satisfied.

Finally, side correction, there is also change : the copies will now be scanned and the teachers will have to correct them on their computer, tablet or smartphone. One thing that adds a worry over according to Le Parisien : the ink could be sometimes illegible and colored pencils, used to illustrate the maps of geography, for example, might not stand out on the scanned version. Finally, Le Parisien states that, following the correction, a software will need to check that the notes correspond to those given by the other reviewers. A commission will then verify that the notes are well harmonized and it may go up in case of need.

Schools already blocked

While the first tests must begin on Monday 20 January, a number of institutions were blocked this morning by teachers and students. Unions call for several weeks of actions to block these E3C. Last week, teachers have refused to bring up the subjects chosen in their direction. They denounce in particular the implementation early of the tests and the fact that the students are not sufficiently prepared and knowledgeable about it. Some high schools have already cancelled the trials that were to be held today while the teachers were already calling to the strike of the correction. Has Clermont-Ferrand, events have already been cancelled this Saturday.

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