Treasure hunter found a gold coin III century

Treasure hunter found a gold coin III century

The coin was minted under the Roman Emperor-the usurper of the Elect.

9 APR 2019 14:01


Кладоискатель нашел золотую монету III века

Кладоискатель нашел золотую монету III века

30-year-old treasure hunter metal detector is researched field near Dover in Kent. In the past here ran a Roman road. Noticing a shiny object, the man questioned his historical significance and value: too bright he was. But after weighing it became clear that the coin weight of 4.31 g (21,5 carat) is really made of gold.

Experts of the British Museum came to the conclusion that the coin was minted under the Roman Emperor Elect, who ruled Britain in the late third century. The front side shows two captives kneeling before Apollo, and the reverse is decorated with the profile of Allecto.

286 year Allekt became Treasurer of the self-proclaimed Emperor of Britain Carousias. 7 years later he killed him and himself led the Empire, and in the year 296 was killed in battle. His three-year reign remember brutal tyranny. In addition, he was able to bring Britain out of the part of the Roman Empire. In our days, when the country leaves the European Union, this historical parallel has become particularly relevant. The British Museum even organized an exhibition dedicated to “the first rexiter” (from the combination of the words Britain – Britain, and Exit out).

Found near Dover gold coin during the reign of the Elect is unique. The only specimen in as good condition as kept at the British Museum.

Treasure hunter plans to sell the coin at auction. The evaluators believe that it is possible to gain at least 100 thousand pounds (nearly 8.5 million). Half the amount of treasure hunter will give the owner of the land where it was open, but with the state share not required: under current UK law, a single found treasure coins are not considered.

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