Treated like a bad mother and a criminal because of her 14 face tattoos

Treated like a bad mother and a criminal because of her 14 face tattoos


Few people now don't have a tattoo. But the prejudices remain if we rely on what a young mother of four children who have many tattoos is going through.

“People treat me like a criminal and a bad mother because I have 14 tattoos on my face,” argues Claire Elsie-Rose.

The professional tattoo artist from the UK says she gets asked cruel questions and people insist she must be a bad mother because of her face tattoos, reports The Mirror >. 

The tattoo artist was told: Why are you doing this? and “You were so pretty,” implying that she ruined her beauty.

She tries to change people’s mentality. “I am a good mother. I have a successful business and am in a healthy relationship. There is nothing toxic in my life and I love nothing more than a night in my pajamas!” Claire candidly declares. 

The young woman has four children from six months to 12 years old and she lives with her partner of the last three, Jonny, a 30-year-old driver.

Since getting a tattoo on her face, she's gotten more judgment from people, who look at her “ten times more than before”.

Claire even says that when she was shopping with her child, she was followed by a security guard. Sometimes people change sides so they don't have to meet her. 

The young woman got her first tattoo when she was 15. She admits it was too young.

Then, when she found out she had a tumor in her lung, she decided to get a tattoo on her face. Fortunately, the tumor was benign, again according to The Mirror.

Of his 14 tattoos, it is anchored under his eyes “love” and “hope”. Then “mom” of course.

“Life is too short not to express yourself”, Claire firmly believes. She is judged, but learns to deal with criticism.