Trees uprooted, severe thunderstorms and hail: the Alberta taste

Arbres déracinés, orages violents et grêle: l’Alberta y goûte

Trees uprooted south of Edmonton and hailstones the size of a piece of 25 cennes in Calgary, Alberta has seen of all colors these days.

On Sunday evening, the city of Calgary was swept by a low pressure system causing a large fall of hail.

Thunderstorms and rain are also slaughtered in the city of alberta.

If this was not enough, the mercury should fall to 12°C this night.

On Saturday, several trees were uprooted in the town of Millet, south of Edmonton, causing significant damage to the gas piping. A residential district in particular had to be evacuated due to a leak.

Numerous power failures were also listed, while thunderstorms and high winds have caused a lot of damage on properties.

In Edmonton, on Friday, a storm had caused flooding in the Rogers Place, amphitheatre of the Edmonton Oilers.

The arena is set to host in the coming weeks, teams of the national hockey League for the playoffs.

Glimmer of hope, however, for Albertans tested, the mercury must start rising from Monday in a good part of the province.

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