Triage of sick of the COVID-19: “It’s disgusting!”, deplores the liberal mp Jennifer Maccarone

Triage des malades de la COVID-19: «C'est dégueulasse!», déplore la députée libérale Jennifer Maccarone

If hospitals were to overflow of patients from the COVID-19, the access protocol to the respirator by passing the disabled and people with vulnerabilities after the other citizens, deplores the liberal mp Jennifer Maccarone. The mother of two children with autism, it asks the government to correct the shot.

“In the event of a lack of beds in the icu during the crisis, the government is proposing to doctors a protocol for determining who will have access to a respirator or not. For example, if you have a cognitive disability severe, such as trisomy 21 or a condition of severe autism, you might have to leave your place to another person. I am outraged, I am the mother of two children with autism and I would give them my life!”, has pestered Wednesday, the member of parliament for Westmount-Saint-Louis in the national Assembly.

Yard.Quebec, an initiative of the Société québécoise de la déficience intellectuelle, put her hand on the exclusion criteria selected by the committee of experts responsible for designing the protocol, which have not been made public.

The “cognitive impairment-severe (total inability to perform the activities of daily living and domestic independently) due to a progressive disease”, is the number of criteria that may make a patient ineligible to intensive care.

A situation “disgusting” in the eyes of the member Maccarone. “I’m upset, angry, she insists, in an interview with our parliamentary Bureau. It is shameful to say that a person’s life is worth more than another.”

The liberal demands that we remove the exclusion criteria of the protocol and that a discussion is beginning on this delicate subject.

The minister Danielle McCann replied that this protocol was not applied in Quebec at the present time because the hospitals have not been overwhelmed to the point of having to sort the sick who are entitled to a respirator.

The minister of Health is of the opinion that the group of experts had the duty to explain his choices.

“The life of a person in situation of handicap is as important as any life of a human being. (…) There are clinical criteria to the inside of this protocol, and it is necessary that this information go to the associations for people who have a disability, and it has been offered, and I hope that it will be done”, she added.


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