Trial Normandeau: the DPCP refuses to wear the hat

Procès Normandeau: le DPCP refuse de porter le chapeau

What do they think of Nathalie Normandeau and his co-defendants, the DPCP says that you can’t make him wear the hat for the leaks to the UPAC, which are at the origin of the paralysis procedures.

The prosecutors of the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions (DPCP) took the floor Thursday afternoon, to begin their arguments on the occasion of the third day of the hearing of the motion Jordan in a stay of proceedings, filed by the ex-vice-prime minister.

The six co-accused in this case have attributed virtually all of the time in public ministry since their arrest in march 2016, which is equivalent to 57 months before the expected conclusion of a trial by the end of the year. The trial which was heard this week, could even take place in 2021 or 2022.

Me Richard Rougeau (left), DPCP, says that the Crown is not responsible for any delays caused by leaks in the media, which have had the effect of putting on ice the procedures in the file of Nathalie Normandeau (right) and his co-defendants.

The judgment in Jordan the supreme Court has set the ceiling at 18 months, where the second attempt of the defence with a request to ” unreasonable delay “.

All in the same basket

Since Tuesday, the defence has put in the same basket, the police, who collect the evidence, and the Crown. According to the defence, if the leaks in the media – which came from the UPAC – had not taken place, defence would not have had a need to assign a journalist to try to make him reveal his sources.

This parallel debate has bogged down and made it to the supreme Court, need I remind you. And to this day, the identity of the authors of the leaks is not yet known, as the investigation Oath of the Office of the independent investigations group (EIB) is far from over.

Also outraged that the defence

“If it turns out, in the near future or distant, that the allegations on a number of individuals to [UPAC confirmed], I would like to assure you that the public prosecutor is at least equally outraged that the colleagues of the defence,” said ms. Richard Rougeau, a prosecutor in the DPCP.

The defence goes too far, according to him, in trying to make due the State, in the broad sense, and therefore the public ministry for the time limits that flow from these behaviors alleged. The DPCP speaks of an event ” a distinct and exceptional circumstances which he could not be held responsible in the calculation of time limits. He will continue his argument tomorrow.

Media coverage

Earlier in the day, I Réjean Lavoie, who represents the ex-leader of the firm Rock Mario Martel, focused on the impacts of media coverage for his client. A blanket ” larger than for a murderer “.

Me Stéphanie Pelletier-Quirion, the lawyer of the ex-mayor of Gaspé François Roussy, has emphasized the removal of the head of the conspiracy underway against his client was arrested, ” cavalier dismissal “, in 2016.

The State, she says, was “precipitated” his arrest, as he had no connection, ” she says, with the other defendants of the group, she lamented.

The six co-accused

  • Nathalie Normandeau, former deputy premier of the liberal
  • Marc-Yvan Côté, ex-leader of the firm Rock, and ex-liberal cabinet minister
  • Bruno Lortie, former head of the cabinet of Nathalie Normandeau
  • Mario Martel, ex-president of the engineering firm Roche
  • France Michaud, former vice-president of the firm Roche
  • François Roussy, ex-mayor of Gaspé and a former attached pq

* Arrested on march 17, 2016, by the UPAC, the day of the tabling of the provincial budget, they are suspected of having participated in a system of electoral financing occult in exchange for public contracts.

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