Trial of Max Aubin: court and family surprises of the penalty sought for killer of woman

Procès de Max Aubin: juge et famille surprises de la peine réclamée pour un tueur de femme

JOLIETTE | A judge of the superior Court and the family of a young woman murdered in 62 strokes of the knife by his / her spouse have eyebrow to the suggestion of the lawyers to impose upon the killer of a minimum of 13 years of detention before release.

“For me, that’s for sure, this would be more [years of imprisonment],” insisted Colette Corbin at his exit of the courthouse in Joliette, Thursday.

His daughter Mylene Laliberte was also snatched away the January 13, 2017. The 24 year old woman was stabbed 62 times by his buddy, Max Aubin, then 21 years old.

It has broken down the door of the dwelling of the victim, Saint-Lin–Laurentides in the Lanaudière region, to commit the irreparable.

Only supporting more of his jealousy and his consumption of cocaine, the victim wanted to take a break from the relationship.

Aubin has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of murder not premeditated, and observations on the punishment of the killer were originally scheduled to take place in January.

But reports of TVA News were revealed to the great day that the killer had a cell phone in jail – which is prohibited – and that he used it to maintain a loving relationship with a young woman with an intellectual disability.

“Troubled” by this new information, the judge Hélène Di Salvo has requested that the police investigation, and a probation officer meets with the murderer to draw up a portrait of his personality.

“No common sense “

However, despite all these developments, and a pre-disposition report “adverse” to the accused, the lawyers have not raised the number of years that they have suggested to the judge Thursday, as the minimum penalty.

Me Stéphanie Arel, of the Crown, and mr. David Petranic, defence, argued that the killer – already sentenced to life in prison, should be able to get a release after 13 years of detention.

“It does not make sense. This morning, he [Max Aubin] had two lawyers “, has dropped the godmother of the victim, Danielle Corbin.

The judge also seemed perplexed.

“It’s been three and a half years that it is held and yet, what I read in all the sections [of the report], what are the concerns “, she summarized.

The document, of which several passages were read to the court, pointed out that Aubin is still struggling with issues of jealousy and power consumption.

He wants a chance

The killer has told the editor that he wished the court to give it a chance, because ” [he] has had plenty of girlfriends before Mylene and [he] didn’t all killed.”

The defense has even argued that the attempted suicide of Aubin after the crime ” cannot be bound to anything other than a moment of panic and regret in relation to the gesture that he posed “.

Comments that were startled by the judge Di Salvo.

“This is not in evidence before me. You deduct it. Me, I can also deduce that he is afraid of the police or that he does not want to face the music “, she said.

At the end of the hearing, the murderer took the floor to apologize to the family of the victim.

“Mylene was a wonderful person and amazing and she didn’t deserve it,” he mentioned.

The judge Di Salvo will render its decision within a month.

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