Trial of Nathalie Normandeau: the query Jordan debated today

Procès de Nathalie Normandeau: la requête Jordan débattue aujourd’hui

The hearing of a second-type query to the Jordan, at the trial of Nathalie Normandeau and his five co-accused, begins today at the palace of justice of Quebec.

At least three days will be devoted to discussions on the content of this query, intended to abort the trials of time deemed unreasonable by the defense. A fourth day may be necessary.

Nathalie Normandeau, Marc-Yvan Côté, France Michaud, Bruno Lortie, Francois Roussy and Mario Martel have been pinned, there are more than four years, during a sweep of the UPAC. They face various heads of abuse of trust, fraud against the government and corruption in municipal affairs.

In 2018, a first-type query Jordan had been rejected by the Court of Québec. Even if the maximum of 18 months established by the supreme Court with its famous judgment in Jordan – had already been smashed at the time, the judge André Perreault had ruled that the delay of more than 25 months, attributable to the prosecution, was justified because of the complexity of the case.

Two years later, the defense to try again and hopes to convince the same judge, this time, as the deadlines to hear the case are patently unreasonable. No trial date has yet been fixed.

Delayed by the pandemic

Originally, this second query off of the procedures of type Jordan was to be debated in the week of march 16. However, the health crisis has forced the postponement of the hearing more than four months. The accused may not invoke the pandemic in their pitch for the accumulated delays.

At the time of filing his / her request, in January, Ms. Normandeau said then carry the “weight of unsustainable charges of” since 1390 days. “I have nothing to hide. I’ve always proclaimed my innocence. I’ve always wanted a trial [but] the time that I suffered is cruel and inhuman. At the age of 51, I have to earn my living,” said the one who no longer had a microphone to the radio.

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