Tried to kill Prince George Islamist was sentenced to life in prison

Пытавшийся убить принца Джорджа исламист получил пожизненный срок

The Royal court of Wolica in South-East London was sentenced to life imprisonment by a supporter of the radical group “Islamic state” inciting adherents to the assassination of a minor British Prince George. About it writes BBC.

As he told the court the crown Prosecutor, 13 Oct 2017 32-year-old Husnain have Roseopersicina in the group of the messenger “Telegram” picture the Prince, accompanied by threatening her signature silhouettes of two of the jihadists in disguise.

“The meaning is clear: you provide the name and address of the school Prince George posted a picture of the school of Prince George and a statement or a threat, at which Prince George and the Royal family should be considered as potential targets of attacks,”said judge Andrew Fox, when announcing the sentence.

“You distribute the information, in your opinion, should inspire potential perpetrators of the attacks”, — said the judge.

Пытавшийся убить принца Джорджа исламист получил пожизненный срок

Husnain Rashid taught at a mosque in Lancashire. He was arrested in November 2017. During the search he found many guides on terrorist attacks.

In particular, he published a magazine, which published tips on how to organize terrorist attacks in Russia during the world championship, using cars, guns, and bombs. The same advice applies to British football stadiums.

In parallel, he led the channel in the “Telegram” under the name Lone Mujahid (“the Mujahid alone”), which he called the electronic instrument of terrorism. Among other things it contained are taken from the Islamist magazine recipe for the deadly poison ricin, and instructions for making Molotov cocktails and Napalm.

In addition, Rashid had intended to poison the ice cream in supermarkets, called kill officials of Myanmar in retaliation for the persecution of the Muslim minority, and were planning to arrange a plane crash.

Among potential targets, he pointed out the British military base, shopping centers, Jewish organizations and government buildings. He also admitted that he had planned to travel to Syria to fight for Islamic state.

32-year-old Husnain have Rosepetal guilty on four counts of terrorism. The convict will be eligible for parole no earlier than 25 years.

Recall that Prince George is third in line of succession after his grandfather, Prince Charles, and father, the Duke of Cambridge.

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