Trip to Morocco by Dr. Arruda: Legault came to his defense

Voyage au Maroc du Dr Arruda: Legault se porte à sa défense

François Legault came to the defense of the Dr Horacio Arruda, in the embarrassment because of jokes on the coronavirus made during a trip to Morocco in February last.

At the time when a first case of COVID-19 was detected in Quebec, the national Director of public health was making jokes about the pandemic and challenged its dangers to the participants of a congress of pharmacists of african countries, reported Friday, our Office of investigation.

“I told my people to wait until I return before we have our first case of coranovirus (sic) in Quebec. Well, they didn’t expected, he launched to the audience, whose speech is available on YouTube. More importantly, Dr. Arruda was absent in the country for 12 days, a trip during which it took few days of vacation.

According to the prime minister, the national director of public health is not to blame and did nothing wrong.

“Well honestly, before the beginning of march, there was no person who had any idea that Quebec would be hit hard”, argues he, in the interview with our parliamentary Bureau.

François Legault is convinced that his partner of the last three months was “on the lookout” for the spread of the virus in Quebec, even if it was abroad.

“I don’t think that because he went to a conference in Morocco, he was less the situation here,” he insists.

The PM does not believe that the absence of Dr. Arruda in the days leading up to the beginning of the crisis in Quebec has been able to change anything in the preparation for the pandemic.

  • Listen to the interview with Joël Arseneau, deputy of the PQ, Iles-de-la-Madeleine, QUB Radio:

Arruda takes his trip

The main person takes on totally the journey he has made from 26 February to 8 march. According to Dr. Arruda, this move abroad has not had any impact on the epidemic in Quebec.

“In January we were working on the issue of the pandemic, he responded, in LCN. We can do politics with it, but for me, the professional point of view, I feel quite ok”.

As for the jokes he made, he felt that the jokes have been reported “out of context”. Horacio Arruda said that in his remarks focused on the important place given to the COVID-19 in the moroccan media, to the detriment of other public health problems. “In particular, social inequalities in health. And elsewhere, one realizes that these are the people who are most affected and the most affected”, he said.

The opposition surprise

Pq members and liberals are said to be “surprised” about the national director of public health, at the dawn of a major health crisis.

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