Trois-Rivières: A new banner in the centre The Rivers despite the pandemic

Trois-Rivières: Une nouvelle bannière au centre Les Rivières malgré la pandémie

Going against the current chains that have announced store closures in recent weeks, the banner Urban Planet has decided to thwart the predictions in opening a boutique, last Friday at the mall of The Rivers.

“It has been a big challenge to open in full pandemic! There are works that have even delayed the opening, but it was expected since a year!” explained Guylaine cinq-Mars, manager at Urban Planet Trois-Rivières.

To add to that, the management of the canadian company, which has more than 100 stores across the country has received a large order of clothing on Friday morning in the Mauricie region, just a few hours of the official opening.

“The models of clothes for men were not yet arrived; we finally received the 4000 units at 8am on Friday morning. We put all that speed to be able to open in the afternoon,” said the store manager.

Customers in rendezvous, but…

People move in different commercial centres of the region since their re-opening and meet the setpoint of the mask-wearing mandatory, but many clients are, however, divided as to the new measures.

“I was a “magasineuse” before the pandemic, but with the mask, it is different and this is not the most pleasant thing,” said a woman met her at the exit of the mall Rivers.

“For my part, it doesn’t bother me! The number of people that travel here, it is a good way to limit the bacteria,” added another client.

Clients must also cope with the indications on the ground and the washing of the hands required in front of each façade of commerce.

Some companies will also adjust, in the time of a pandemic, such as banners Aldo and Spring which are open only from Tuesday to Sunday.

The proximity to customers should also be reviewed for traders.

“It’s true that we should adjust with the remote. I find it difficult and a little bit cold between us and the customers, because we can’t see the expressions on the faces of the people. It sometimes complicates some sales, but most clients are very understanding,” stressed Guylaine cinq-Mars.

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