Truck mass grave in England: the 26 arrests in France and Belgium

Camion charnier en Angleterre: 26 arrestations en France et en Belgique

Thirteen people have been arrested in Belgium and another thirteen in France in the framework of the investigation opened following the discovery in October in England of the body of 39 vietnamese migrants in a refrigerated truck, announced on Wednesday that the justices belgian and French.

The container in which the body had been discovered came from the belgian port of Zeebrugge and some of the victims had lived in Belgium prior to their departure, said the federal prosecutor’s office, belgian in a press release.

The investigation into the tragedy, conducted jointly by Great Britain, Ireland, France and Belgium, resulted in 16 raids Tuesday on the soil of belgium, mainly in Brussels, and thirteen people in total were arrested: eleven Vietnamese and two Moroccans.

There were 13 other arrests in France, in the paris area, said his side of the parquet de Paris.

The people in custody are also suspected of involvement in a vast traffic in human beings between France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

The public prosecutor has not specified the nationalities, but a source close to the dossier, these suspects are mainly of Vietnamese also.

“The sector set up by the traffickers are suspected of having likely been transported up to several tens of people every single day for several months “, says the prosecutor of belgium.

“The organization is focused on the transportation of refugees from Asia, Vietnam in particular,” it is added, and it is “suspected of having made possible” the transport of the 39 migrants found dead on 23 October by the british police in an industrial area in Grays (Essex).

This drama, to the international impact, has highlighted the dangers of illegal immigration, with unscrupulous human traffickers taking advantage of the vulnerability of the candidates, often promised to precarious jobs in a state of semi-slavery in the United Kingdom.

This month, an arrest had already taken place in Ireland, the alleged organizer of the rotation of the various drivers that led to the tragedy.

Elsewhere in the british survey of five people have already been charged including Maurice Robinson, age 25, the driver of the truck intercepted in Grays. The latter had called at the beginning of April guilty of involuntary homicide in a court in london.

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