Trudeau advocates the targeted approach to transfers of at least $ 14 billion

Trudeau défend l'approche ciblée des transferts d'au moins 14 milliards $

OTTAWA-The prime minister Justin Trudeau said he was open Thursday to revise upwards its proposal to $ 14 billion in transfers to the provinces for the déconfinement, but defended his approach of targeted funding, and warned that it is not a “blank cheque”.

“I understand that there are variations in [the reality] of the different provinces, and it is open to a certain degree of flexibility, but it is our responsibility as a federal government to ensure that, when it comes to investing to help the most vulnerable Canadians, this assistance is found really to the families and individuals most vulnerable”, has he hammered in press conference in Ottawa.

Mr. Trudeau argued that it had agreed with its counterparts in the provinces and territories for weeks on the principles and conditions necessary to re-secure the economy. He cited the need for additional staff and protective equipment for workers in the early childhood centre, in particular.

“What we’re proposing, these are basic investments in which all Canadians should be able to expect. This is money that we offer to the provinces to deliver the necessary services. If there are provinces that do not want the money, we will be concerned”, he started, seeming to say the least, annoyed.

Last week, the prime minister of quebec, François Legault, has welcomed the offer of $ 14 billion of the federal insisting that he would not tolerate that conditions be attached because he sees it as a form of interference in provincial jurisdiction.

In addition, Mr. Trudeau did not offer more specific details during his press briefing on a possible extension of the mission of the army in the CHSLD du Québec.

The federal prime minister is expected to discuss Thursday night with his provincial counterparts on the phone.

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