Trudeau, ally of Muslim fundamentalists

Trudeau, ally of Muslim fundamentalists


Justin Trudeau has just appointed an Islamophobia adviser, Amira Elghawaby. It is unclear what this term Islamophobia means, except that in the eyes of some people, any criticism of Islam is unwelcome.

However, there are many versions of Islam and unfortunately, its two most popular versions are carried by filthy dictatorships: Saudi Arabia and Iran. It is a catastrophe for Muslims, whose Islam, instead of living in harmony with the modern world, is falling back on a totalitarian version of their religion. Worse, the person appointed by Trudeau is close to Ingrist circles. What an insult to moderate Muslims in Canada! What an insult for Quebecers whose modernity was built on the rejection of religious fundamentalism! What a lack of understanding of the danger of fundamentalist Islam!

1) What is the relationship between Amira Elghawaby and religious fundamentalists?

Ms. Elghawaby was very active in the National Council of Canadian Muslims between 2012 and 2017. As Frédérique Bastien explains remarkably well in the columns of the Journal, this group which presents itself under moderate guises, actually militates for a fundamentalist Islam which advocates the application of Sharia in Canada, as well as sexual segregation in various daily activities. Ms. Elghawaby, unlike the majority of Muslim women in Canada, wears the veil, a clear symbol of religious oppression.

2) How is Elghawaby's appointment catastrophic for Muslims from Canada?

Most Muslims in Canada are moderates who do not seek gender segregation or the application of Sharia in the country. On the contrary, many Muslims came to Canada because they were fleeing religious persecution stemming from the ideas that Elghawaby defends. Alas, many Muslims are afraid to denounce religious fundamentalists. Many find it difficult to grasp that religious beliefs should be taken with a grain of salt. Trudeau's new appointment will not help them free themselves. 

3) Why is Elghawaby's appointment an insult to Quebecers?

The appointment in the Trudeau government of people whose main quality is to be religious is an insult not only to Quebecers, but to democracy. Until the 1950s, members of the clergy exerted a significant and harmful influence on the decisions of the Quebec government. Quebecers got rid of this influence of unelected people. And now the Trudeau government is bringing religious influence back to the heart of its government. Decidedly, Justin Trudeau is 60 years behind.

4) Why is the Islam of Saudi Arabia and Iran totalitarian?

Despite the differences between Sunnism and Shiism, both versions of Islam practiced in these countries are totalitarian. First, because they both claim to manage every aspect of the daily life of each individual. Second, because they prevent people from governing themselves through elected officials. The laws are embedded in religious texts and these texts can ultimately only be changed or interpreted by religious people. 

5) Is a moderate Islam possible?< /strong>

A moderate Islam is only possible for any religion. However, countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia pour billions of dollars around the world every year to promote their fundamentalist Islam. These countries find in Justin Trudeau a valuable ally. He acts as a “useful idiot”.

Trudeau, ally of Muslim fundamentalists