Trudeau and China: why the hesitation?

Trudeau and China: why this haste?

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Canada will carry out a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Games. Justin Trudeau and his government made the right decision. Justin Trudeau may also have made the only possible decision, once his allies had made the same decision in the days preceding.

After the announcement of the boycott of the games by the United States, the American ambassador did not even hesitate to express his expectations. He said he believed allies like Canada should “align” with their position. Little pat on the shoulder of friend Justin: “Don't go wrong! “

Speaking last, Canada takes on the appearance of a follower. And the impression it gives is to do it by choice.

The image that comes to mind is that of an insecure participant on an important new board. A proposal is put on the table. He especially does not want to get wet first. He lets others talk and listens. Then ended up saying “Me too, I think like them” with a quavering voice and flabby lips.

Why the hesitation?

Justin Trudeau's attitude towards China deserves our attention. Why such hesitation? Why the half measures? After the episode of the two Michael's, Canada should be a country that is particularly critical of China when it comes to human rights.

For example, in the case of the Olympics, did Canada willingly waited to speak after the others? In a strategy not to displease China too much? To try to sound like the good guy who would never boycott China if it was all up to him, but was dragged away by his allies?

The attitude of the little guy who justifies his bad tricks in front of his mother by saying he is dragged by a group of friends. If so, it is a position of weakness that will make Canada less and less respected.

Personal bias?

Unless Canada's reluctance to face China stems instead from Justin Trudeau's personal views. However, a few years ago he expressed his immense admiration for China. Would he still be straddling his natural feeling and the political reality that events have imposed on him?

Or does Canada simply no longer have a guideline in its foreign policy, to the point of constantly reacting? A country tossed about by the events and positions of others. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Or Canada is simply terrified by threats from China. Fear of economic retaliation, fear of political retaliation? We postpone decisions about China as we postpone a dentist appointment. And we end up making a decision at one to midnight, when we really have to. This would explain why the decision on Huawei's involvement in the deployment of our 5G network has been postponed for four years.

In the Chinese case, time does not help. Courage, firmness and consistency, in concerted action with our allies, this is the only recipe.

 Trudeau and China: why the hesitation?

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