Trudeau: Crimea, the west bank, 2 weights, 2 measures

Trudeau: Crimée et Cisjordanie, 2 poids, 2 mesures

The minister of global Affairs François-Philippe Champagne has pointed out, in march, the sixth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea by Russia : “Canada condemns unequivocally this violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and international law”.

Last January, Canada has imposed new sanctions on individuals involved “in the elections illegitimate held in the Crimea occupied by Russia”. Ottawa denounces loud and clear and will adopt sanctions against the annexation of the Crimea, but remains silent when Israel acts the same way in the west bank. Why is that so?

The canadian government has no interest to engage actively against the annexation imminent of broad sectors of the palestinian west bank occupied by Israel during the war of the Six Days of 1967. Israel violates yet and the Geneva Convention, to which Canada is a signatory.

Canada has renewed in 2018 its free trade agreement with Israel. Ottawa continues to allow goods from illegal israeli settlements in the west bank to enter free of duty in Canada, while the international law and, therefore, the canadian law refers to these settlements as jewish in the occupied territories as war crimes.

Canada is complicit in Netanyahu that goes by that annexation, destroying forever any chance for peace in the Middle East and that could cause a new area of unrest and violence in a region that does not really need. Several israeli generals have warned that “israel’s unilateral annexation can trigger a serious conflagration… any annexation partial, is likely to cause a chain reaction on which Israel will have little control”.

At the beginning of June, nearly 60 politicians and diplomats canadians, including four former federal ministers, have signed a letter urging the federal government to resist the israeli annexation.

Radio Silence on the side of Trudeau

The position of Trudeau and Champagne is all the more inexplicable that it goes against the desire of the majority of Canadians. A recent poll by EKOS shows Canadians want Ottawa to oppose the plans of Israel to annex areas of the west bank. A significant majority (74%) of Canadians want the government expressed its opposition to the israeli annexation. And a plurality of them (42%) would like Canada to impose economic and diplomatic sanctions against Israel. This is the case for 59% of the supporters of the Bloc Québécois.
It must be said that the attitude of the european Union is also deplorable as that of Canada. Again have denounced and taken sanctions against Russia for its annexation of Crimea, but we hesitate to do the same in the case of Israel. The Europeans at least, unlike Canada, openly denounce the intention of Netanyahu to seize palestinian territories. But, like Canada, to share trompeter statements indignant, they will not take any concrete action to block it.

Hungary is preventing the EU from achieving a clear consensus against Israel. His prime minister, Viktor Orban, is engaged in an alliance with Benymin Netanyahu, who sees Hungary as a strategic partner in the folder of palestine. Orban, he hopes to forget the accusations of anti-semitism that the aim. The new ally of Tel Aviv, described until recently Miklos Horthy, the “Pétain” Hungarian ” ally of Hitler, a man of exceptional Condition.

The meeting in Tel Aviv of the two leaders of the far-right in 2018 sparked a public outcry because of the praises of Viktor Orbán to Horthy.

Tolerated by the international community for over 50 years, the expansion of systematic israeli settlements in the occupied west bank. This attitude has made for ever impossible the creation of a genuine palestinian State next to Israel.

Netanyahu has managed to play its cards in order to avoid a diplomatic tsunami block his project of annexation. The international community is currently overwhelmed by the epidemic of the coronavirus. There may not be a more opportune time to extend the sovereignty of the jewish State on what the israeli right calls Judea and Samaria, an integral part of the “Greater Israel” that extends from the Mediterranean to the Jordan river.

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