Trudeau defends the ECP despite criticism from Quebec

Trudeau défend la PCU malgré les critiques de Québec

The prime minister Justin Trudeau defends the maintenance of the Provision of canadian emergency (PCU) that criticises the quebec minister of Labour, Jean Boulet.

In interview to the Newspaper, the minister Boulet stated that the payment of$ 2000 per month until August, has become a brake to economic recovery, because workers would prefer to delay their return to work to qualify for federal assistance.

“Yes, the economic recovery is important, but we are still in a situation where too many Canadians are still in need of PKU,” replied the prime minister Trudeau at a press conference yesterday morning.

The prime minister has underlined that “millions of Canadians” are still in need of this emergency assistance.

“Because the economy is down, there is no employment for them. Therefore, it will be necessary that we continue to give them the help necessary to be able to do the grocery shopping. That is the priority,” he said.

The PCU has recently been prolonged as eight weeks.

The government of Québec, firms and employers ‘ associations criticise more openly the program from which the invoice could amount to more than $ 70 billion, according to the parliamentary budget officer.

If it were to be extended, the PCU would have had to apply only to certain sectors of activities in which the stimulus is still waiting, as the tourism, the culture, or the retail trade, judge the minister Boulet.

“In the manufacturing, construction, health, information technology, or the food, there are important needs of labor, and it is not necessary that the PCU be a “disincentive” to work,” he confided to the Journal.

Rent assistance

Justin Trudeau has also announced, yesterday, that theemergency Help of Canada, for rent commercial (AUCLC) will be extended by one month.

This programme of support to small and medium-sized enterprises was to end in June. But the federal government is working with provinces and territories to an extension which would provide support for the month of July.

“We are working on it this week,” said prime minister Trudeau.

The AUCLC offers forgivable loans to owners of commercial buildings, to reduce of 75% the rent of the small businesses affected by the COVID-19. Managed by the canada mortgage and housing corporation (CMHC), this financial support comes from the provincial and federal governments and covers 50% of three monthly rents.

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