Trudeau does an oven

Trudeau fait un four

The actor is also Justin Trudeau knows the meaning of the word “oven” which refers to a piece of theatre that is crushed by the critics and abandoned by the public.

The staging of the prime minister to find a non-permanent seat in the Security Council of the UN lost under the Harper government has not convinced enough of the member countries of this organization.

Norway and Ireland have so beaten Canada. The minister of foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, now says that there are other ways for the country asserts itself on the international level. It remains that Justin Trudeau has failed miserably.


In fact, the man of words, and appearances don’t impress the planet.

His good looks is not a guarantee of competence, diplomatic, his seduction that has been acclaimed as a rock star at the beginning of his career has fizzled. And the contradictions of its verbal commitments have finished by the set K.-O.

Trudeau angelica, the giver of moral lessons is not equipped politically and intellectually to confront dictators, powerful and experienced, as the chinese president, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin, the Russian president. These two leaders are playing him like they played with Trump. This is what has been written by the former national security adviser of the american president, John Bolton, in a book that was devastating on his former ” friend “, Donald Trump.

In bern

Justin Trudeau is not Donald Trump, of course. But he believes without a doubt, in his narcissism full of good intentions and compassion to the marshmallow, that it is he who “handles” these two leaders machiavellian.

However, the court of the great of the planet is not made for adolescents search for ways illuminated.

The UN is also composed of some member States who vomit the rights of the person. The western countries claiming to be democratic values, trying to stay in the center of the political spectrum, but the leadership of the United States as a power in democratic is nearly in bern under Donald Trump.

Canada has long been a country dream for the planet. Prime ministers such as Lester B. Pearson, Nobel peace prize in 1957, passing by Pierre Elliott Trudeau, a politician, an arrogant, seductive, but brilliant, return an image glamorisée and progressive through their person. Brian Mulroney was loved and admired by heads of State from around the world for its struggle without respite against apartheid in South Africa. Jean Chrétien, he has adopted a firm position against the american occupation in Iraq, and he was respected by the international community.

Stephen Harper has put an end to this Canada, average power listened to, and weighing of a political weight is undeniable, which has managed to make its place within the UN.

Even if we know nothing of the limitations of this organisation in which representatives of the 193 member States agree to sit down and discuss, it is important to consider that Justin Trudeau is responsible for this humiliation of having been topped in the voting by two small countries. Proof that the words have no content from Trudeau can’t take the place of a policy.

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