Trudeau does not exclude a form of extension of the PCU

Trudeau n'exclut pas une forme de prolongement de la PCU

OTTAWA-The prime minister Justin Trudeau does not exclude, not to offer a form of extension of the Delivery canadian emergency (PCU) for the Canadians, who have exhausted their 16 weeks of maximum eligibility.

“Obviously, in a booming economy […] it is no longer needed by the PCU, but in this transition period where we are in the process of reopening a few […] sectors of the economy, but not all, there are still around three million people who do not have jobs”, he argued Tuesday in a press conference in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage, Ottawa.

The Canadians that affect the monthly benefits of $ 2000 for PKU since march there will soon be no more right, in July, according to the current rules of this program of federal assistance deployed at the height of the crisis of the COVID-19.

The chief new democrat Jagmeet Singh has claimed, earlier Monday, an extension of at least four months of the measurement.

“These are discussions that we are having. This is an issue that we monitor closely and we are open to all kinds of suggestions, ” replied Mr. Trudeau.

The government will introduce on Wednesday a bill in which it provides for changes in the program from PKU, but an extension beyond 16 weeks of eligibility does not seem to be included.

The “Globe and Mail”, which first revealed the outline of a draft piece of legislation, stressed, however, that Ottawa could proceed through the regulatory process by virtue of a law previously passed.

According to a draft seen by the QMI Agency, the draft legislation to be presented on Wednesday, plans to punish the Canadians who perceived the PCU fraudulently, or with the understanding that they do called not.

It provides for a maximum fine of $ 5,000 “plus an amount not exceeding double the amount of the income support benefit that was or would have been paid as a result of the offence”, one can read in the text that is still the subject of discussions between the liberals of Justin Trudeau and the opposition parties.

The offenders could also face maximum sentences of six months, Mr. Trudeau, however, wanted to be reassuring, Tuesday, in point of press.” If there are people who have made an error […] they will not be punished for having made a mistake in a system where there was a lot of uncertainty.”

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