Trudeau offers support to the peaceful demonstrators against racism

Trudeau offre son soutien aux manifestants pacifiques contre le racisme

OTTAWA-The prime minister Justin Trudeau has expressed his support for the peaceful demonstrators who take to the streets to denounce racism and discrimination, on Monday, and condemned those who are intoxicated.

“Racism against Blacks, discrimination, systemic injustice – it also exists in us,” he said at the outset in point of press in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage.

“By coming together and denouncing those who are trying as always to disrupt these events – the Canadians send the message that they will not tolerate injustice”, he added, promising that his government will continue to fight against racism.

Mr. Trudeau commented on the many events that have been going on since a week almost anywhere in the United States and Canada in the wake of the death of a black man killed by a white policeman in Minneapolis.

In addition, Mr. Trudeau has confirmed that the granting of $ 2.2 billion provided in funding to the municipalities through Funds from the gas tax will be accelerated.

The fund’s annual federal infrastructure for 2020-2021, will therefore be granted in whole as of the month of June, in a single payment, announced by the prime minister.

This first form of aid to cities is far from being at the height of the applications. In April, the Federation of canadian municipalities (FCM) has, instead, asked an emergency fund of at least $ 10 billion for the maintenance of essential services.

“Elected officials are turning arenas in shelters, deferring the property taxes and work hard to help our fellow citizens get through this pandemic, said the president of the FCM, Bill Karsten. But municipalities are seeing their revenues melt, their unexpected costs accumulate, and it is not legally permitted to run deficits.”

Mr. Trudeau, however, has insisted on the fact that the acceleration of the payment of $ 2.2 billion is only a “first step” and that Ottawa is working on other assistance measures, in collaboration with the provinces.

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