Trudeau vilified by the opposition for its silence in the face of Trump

Trudeau vilipendé par l’opposition pour son silence face à Trump

OTTAWA-new democrats and bloquistes have been severely criticized, on Wednesday morning, the silence of 20 seconds maintained by prime minister Trudeau when called to comment on the threat of the american president Donald Trump to send the army to suppress the protests-racism.

The leader of the New democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh has bluntly described this silence as “hypocritical”, arguing that Mr. Trudeau has failed in its responsibility to stand up in the face of inflammatory statements.

“There are times where it can be strategic in the wake of negotiations for trade agreements […], but when one speaks of the words that a president uses that divide the population and increase the hatred, the silence is not an option”, has he hammered.

The chief bloquiste Yves-François Blanchet, for his part, deplored the fact that the prime minister has chosen to denounce racism in Canada, after a long pause, rather than to criticize the president Trump.

“It is much more likely to accuse us, we collectively, all of the vices than to accuse Donald Trump of being an arsonist, which causes serious social tensions in the United States, he pestered. At any given time, you do grow a spine, do you think 15 seconds less, and you say what needs to be said.”

The president, Trump insisted for several days on his will to restore order in the face of a flood of anger history in the wake of the death of George Floyd, a black man asphyxiated by a white policeman in Minneapolis. He threatens to deploy the army if cities and States are not doing enough in his eyes to stop the violence.

“We have all seen with horror and dismay what is happening to the United States,” finally said Mr. Trudeau, on Tuesday, after having marked a silence of 21 seconds.

“But it is time for us, Canadians, to recognize that we too have our challenges. Discrimination is a reality experienced by black Canadians and racialized every day. There is systemic discrimination in Canada”, he added.

Mr. Singh and Mr. Blanchet were also urged, on Wednesday, the Trudeau government to extend the canadian armed Forces mission in NURSING homes hard hit by the COVID-19, as requested in Québec, until September 15, if necessary.

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