Trudeau was “shocked” by a report on the situation in centres of long-term care of Ontario

Trudeau «choqué» par un rapport sur la situation dans des centres de soins de longue durée de l'Ontario

OTTAWA-A damning report of the canadian armed Forces on the situation in the centres long-term care of Ontario, where its members are deployed is shocking and extremely disturbing” in the eyes of the prime minister Justin Trudeau.

“I’ve had sadness, I was shocked, disappointed, angry”, he dropped it during his press conference in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage. He stated that he had read the report Monday on the observations of military personnel who lend hand-strong to five institutions of Ontario hard hit by the coronavirus.

“I think that we see a situation that is obviously a reality that is linked to the COVID-19, but that has been there for a long time and that we need [we commit] to improve as a country,” said Mr. Trudeau.

A little earlier on Tuesday, the Quebec ombudsperson, Mary Rinfret, announced on its side that it will conduct an investigation on the spread of deadly virus in NURSING homes.

Mr. Trudeau has indicated that the mission of CAF to support the centres long-term care in Ontario and Quebec will be extended, at the request of the provincial governments. The end date of the deployment in 25 CHSLD du Québec was to be 12 June, but the new deadline has yet to be determined.

Approximately 1350 members of the military were sent to Quebec and 250 in Ontario.

Prime minister Trudeau has also appeared open on Tuesday to the idea of a priority to the records of asylum-seekers irregular who work in NURSING homes, are risking sometimes their lives.

“It is sure that our immigration system is rooted in respect for the process as well as fairness and equality for everyone. It is important to follow these processes, but in an exceptional situation, we can obviously consider exceptions”, he said. He said his Immigration minister, Marco Mendicino, was busy on this folder.


The premier of Ontario, Doug Ford has announced an investigation into the allegations contained in the devastating report from the army on the treatment of seniors in care centers long-term. He says that to read the report “horrible” is the most difficult thing he has had to do everything in its mandate.

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