Trudeau will be vaccinated in public, but will wait his turn

Trudeau will be vaccinated in public, but will wait his turn

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intends to be vaccinated in public, but he will wait until it is the turn of his age group, he said in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

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“I will be vaccinated publicly and with enthusiasm when my turn comes,” Trudeau said in a year-end interview with the public broadcaster CBC, adding that he would follow public health recommendations.

“When vaccination is open to healthy adults in their forties, I will be vaccinated,” added the Prime Minister, who will turn 49 on December 25, with a smile.

Mr. Trudeau, whose wife had been diagnosed positive for the coronavirus in March, also considered it possible that he too contracted the disease without knowing it.

“It’s possible I caught it. I do not know. I was totally asymptomatic, ”he said, claiming to have scrupulously followed the rules which only recommended a test in case of symptoms. He had remained confined to his home for two weeks.

Canada began its vaccination campaign on December 14 with a relatively limited number of doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Vaccination is currently mainly reserved for vulnerable people and health personnel.

The country is due to receive additional doses of Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine shortly, as well as Moderna’s vaccines, once it has been approved by public health authorities. This authorization should take place “in the coming weeks,” said public health at the end of the week.

In total, Canada, a country of 38 million people, has ordered and placed options on more than 400 million doses of vaccines from seven pharmaceutical groups.

Trudeau said in an interview with CTV, also broadcast on Sunday, that his country would be ready to share any vaccine surplus with the rest of the world.

The spread of the virus has accelerated with the approach of the holidays in the country which passed the bar of 500,000 confirmed cases on Saturday. Canada had 506,057 cases of coronavirus and 14,200 deaths on Sunday.

Quebec, the Canadian province with the heaviest toll in human lives, had a new daily record on Sunday with 2,146 new cases identified.

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